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7 Steps to Attract More Advertisers for Your Blog

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Ad selling is an important aspect that every blogger explores and wants to learn more about. Advertising a page or blog is not a very easy proposition. The advertisers visit tens of blogs before deciding on where to invest based on a number of relevant factors.

All the bloggers employ various techniques to attract the advertisers. However, uniqueness and appeal of a blog is what sets it apart from the rest. Your goal should be to strongly attract the advertisers’ attention and bind them to your blog. The difference that you portray in your advertising offers is what matters the most.

Here are some of the tips to increase your blog’s advertisement appeal and enhancing your money making prospects via selling ads.

1. Highlight your Blog’s Reputation and Statistics

The reputation and statistics of your blog may be of great appeal to the advertisers. Highlight the good reputation as well as the statistics of your blog in the blogging community.

The statistics such as blog publications, reader count, etc. can greatly engage an advertiser into thinking that your blog is worth trusting.

2. Always Offer Realistic Prices

Do not set unrealistic prices for posting ads on your blog. Prices whether too high or too low can create a negative impact on advertiser’s considerations list.

The price should be attractive and according to advertiser’s budget and expectations. Giving extra offers and discounts can also raise your business prospects sky high as every business entity would love extras and discounts.

3. Bonus Offers

Give attractive bonuses for advertising with your blog. The advertisers, like other professionals, get excited when something is rewarded as a bonus. You can propose propagating the product on other blogs for free or creating a promotional video for advertiser’s products. Such bonuses are really helpful in converting potential advertisers into customers.

4. Free Giveaways

Free giveaways also entice extra attention from advertisers. You can gift a free giveaway e.g. a valuable and costly eBook, software or video to the customers in a particular niche.

This would help you gain considerable attention but make sure that the giveaway you are offering is worth it.

5. Showcase Past Performance

You can also opt to place a video about how other similar product(s) in the past have gained huge sales by posting their advertisement on your blog.

This video can show graphs and interviews from the previous advertising product’s owner. This would definitely attract the advertiser’s attention and they would instantly want to do business with you.

6. Social Media Advertisement

Social media has become a huge aspect in a product’s advertisement simply because of the number of users it possesses. Show the potential advertisers how you can help their product get promoted and advertised on the social media.

You can offer to launch an attractive poster, game, application or fan page for a product and all this can be provided at affordable rates. Advertisers would really admire and get attracted to the opportunity of advertising on more than one platform with a single blogging entity.

Show how you can do the same for them at affordable rates without any need of employing a separate advertising agency.

7. Guarantee Results

You can provide a guarantee of results to your advertisers buying ads on your blog. This can be done by offering to refund them their money if they do not achieve a specific number of sales and hits from your blog. Such guarantees add to customer satisfaction as every business entity gives a lot of focus on guaranteed investments. This can instantly convert the advertiser into a customer of your blog.

What technique do you use to attract more advertisers to your blog? Share your ideas via comment below!

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