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10 Simple Ways to Get Your Guest Post Rejected

Guest Post

Every new day blogger checks their sites’ stat. Spike in traffic; increase in FaceBook fan number and RSS subscriber number gives immense pleasure, which is a clear indication of blog growth.

Guest post is one of key solution to help all these numbers to increase. It gives a fresh breath to your site and introduce new visitors to your blog, provided that if your post contributes some value to them. However, how to get publish your guest post on A-List blogs? Let’s discuss some solid points which will surely reject your guest post.

1- Just Keep Asking for Guest Post

Some people lack in courage and just keep asking for guest post. Show some courage and compose your article, post it via their favorite submission method. Don’t bother them by shooting permission e-mails for guest posts.

2- Do Not Follow Instructions

Major cause of rejection is not following the instructions as stated by host blog. Guest authors violate those instructions and simply get their work rejected.

If you want to get it published, follow their instruction. They are not going to violate their policy for you.  Remember first impression is the last impression. Don’t lose your chance of success; follow the stipulated instructions and increase the chances of “OK” for your guest post.

3- Low Quality Post

Content quality is the core factor that decides the fate of your post. Low quality post has no valuable information. Grammar plus spell error also adds many stars to the hard work. Readers like articles that are free of spell and grammatical error. If above methods doesn’t help you in rejection of guest post, this method will work 100%.

4- Out of Focus Topic

Get your post rejected by writing about Cars and submitting it to Health blog. Out of focus topics are of no use and no one likes to publish such crap at their sites. Read blog title and tag line carefully, read out all categories and go through few previous posts of host blog and get an idea of topic. Write on it and submit for approval.

5- Criticize Host Blog

Let’s criticize host blog because our aim is to promote our article by criticizing them. This stage will only come when you get your creation published. Don’t ever think about criticizing your host blog or you will lose the chance forever. Don’t waste your time to resubmit your post or think for future guest posting. You are wasting your time. Its simplest way to get rejected your Creation.

6- A Right to Copy

Some Genius violates copy right by perceiving that no one can catch them and simply steal the content from other sites. Those copy cats think Copy Right as a Right to copy. Such posts have no connection in paragraphs and at first glance they are caught as stolen content. If someone makes it a sensible post, still it is catchable by pasting one line within “” and paste it in Google. Search engine giant will tell you the site(s) from where it is stolen.

7- Self or Product Promotion

Stuff like, I have done this, I will do this, is an example of self promotion. Product promotion and self promotion is a sure way to get rejected your guest post. You are not supposed to tell about yourself rather contribute something valuable and informative. Your content will become your promoter. Likewise; product promotion in guest post is also viewed negatively.

8- Asking for Monetary Benefit

So you are going to ask for monetary benefit for your guest post, then you are in the wrong place. If site has asked for guest post, you will earn no money but if they have asked for writers, they are going to pay you out. Asking for financial benefit is also a good trick to have cheerful rejection mail.

9- No Follow Up

After submitting your work, if you forget about follow up, host blog will forget about you. Keep it in mind, being A-list bloggers, they have work load and a lot of guest posts in queue which may result in skipping your post by mistake. So keep up follow by sending them a reminder mail if you really want to get published your work.

10- Submit Post via Their Method of Posting

You worked hard by researching and writing your article. In last stage, submit it via process described by host blog. Give priority to their ease. Some want it to be in MS Word, some want in simple WordPad file and few are generous enough to give you limited access to their site for composing and submitting it for review.

In the end when you have decided to remove all these loopholes and want to get your work online, don’t forget to promote it. Use all possible ways for promotion of your Guest Post.

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