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YouTube New Look: What You Think?

YouTube New Look

Today, Google announced the YouTube new look on their official blog, really interesting stuff going on, and Google is keeping us busy trying to follow their updates, enhancments, new designs, features, etc.. you know, I’am tired of Google, but what to do?! They just do cool stuff, and their development team are freaking active!

YouTube New Look

Google says:

Ready to get started? Your new YouTube is already shipped and waiting for you at YouTube.com, and like every new toy, we included an (instruction manual) (and video) to help.

The only thing is the instruction manual page is simply do NOT exists, and the link is broken! that page can not be found! (source: The YouTube new look )

Anyways, at least we can watch the video:


What I Like and Hate about Google

What I like about Google is they always unveiled an experimental designs and ask users about their opinions. Based on users feedback, they tweak, enhance, improve their overall designs! (but they never change it or take off the ugly parts of it)..

There is always something wrong!

While Google seems to be listening to its users, nothing really change! (or at least this is how I feel about it)! Most of the times, they are just getting feedback, but nothing really happen!

I understand that part of this because you can not satisfy everyone, but is Google satisfying the majority of its users?

YouTube New Look: Like it or Dislike it?

Many people really hate the Gmail new look, but they can not do anything about it, but what about the YouTube new look?

YouTube decides your new destination of discovering new videos and channels!

Have you discovered the new features yet?

Are you liking it?

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