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3 Tips to Help You Write More Mesmerizing Blog Posts

Mesmerizing Blog Posts

It’s simple to write sticky blog posts if you follow a few actionable steps each day.

Running a blog is not rocket science. Writing articles to help someone solve a problem is pretty darn basic. The complexity arises when we create it. Thinking it’s difficult or super tough to write a solid blog post makes it that way.

Following these steps will help you to become a top notch blogger with greater ease. Remember, I said “actionable” steps to lead off this post. Take Action!

Shout It Out

Read your blog posts out loud before publishing.

If I stuck with this one from Day 1, RBs Keys might have a few more readers. Most of my early posts were sub-standard because I didn’t proofread out loud.

Errors jump out when listening for them. It’s tough to do this when reading silently, but it’s a different story when you hear the poor grammar or typo. It makes you cringe, and an instant edit is made.

Write Offline

I’ve heard folks say they write better online. More power to you.

I don’t write well with Facebook up, Twitter tweeting in the background, or espn.com beckoning. Too many distractions. Too much mental clutter. A crappy post is usually the result.

Go offline. Go into a quiet spot. Reduce distractions. Shut off the phone. Trust me, it can wait.

Write Every Day

Practice brings improvement. Write frequently to write better. Any skill becomes easier to perform with practice.

Recently, I posted once a week. My posts were tight, but I felt my writing skill set declining.

Now, I post once a day. I write at least 1-2 guest posts a day. Where are the posts going? I don’t know. But I network aggressively so each article can find a home.

Keep writing. If you haven’t found any blogs willing to accept your guest posts, simply keep them on ice. After some intensive networking, you will find people willing to publish your guest posts. They are out there, but you must find them.

I know within a week or so I will find a loving home for my GPs.

Now It’s Your Turn

How do you write better blog posts? What tips can you share with us?

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