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Finding Your Own Writing Voice

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An interesting thing happens whenever I read something that catapults my thought processes. As I read I can clearly hear the voice of the author in my head even though I have never physically heard their voice before. It has happened many times and has been verified when I finally do actually hear their voice… they sound the same as they did in my head.

Do you hear my voice?

What is this phenomenon and even more important how do I get you -who is reading this right now- to mentally hear my voice? Is it simply the words I choose along with the way I put them together or is there more to it?

Many advisers in this field have already said you must write about something you are passionate about. For instance:

Then where will you the words along with the way you will put them come from?

None of these will do if does not come totally from YOU…how can a reader hear your voice if the words are not yours?

So here is what you need to do:

  1. Choose a subject you are really into -everyone has something they are really into…
  2. Write it down using the words and phrases you would use to tell your best friend about it and…
  3. Edit it just enough to where it is readable and acceptable to the guidelines of the service you are publishing it to -DO NOT EDIT IT AS THOUGH AN ENGLISH PROFESSOR WILL BE READING IT or you may come across as boring and stuck-up.

Another solution I found was hiding in my cell phone all this time. It has a function that records about a minute of live real-time sounds such as: MY VOICE. So I simply record a brief synopsis of my opinion or comment,save it,then either very late at nights or very early in the mornings I write one post/article per recording.

Do not worry about looking like some type of loony psycho constantly talking to yourself using your cell phone because talking to yourself -regardless of what you have heard- can actually be quite therapeutic and helpful for assimilating your thoughts. It is a whole different meaning to your psyche when you hear your own voice talking back to you…I mean how can you NOT listen to YOU? Furthermore,people talk into their cell phones all the time…that is what its for!

No one has to know you are recording your thoughts and if they do know…so what?

Now I know making money online with a proven website template and built-in content can be a quick and highly profitable way to attain immediate success. But sooner or later you will inevitably run into a situation where cookie cutter sites just will not do it and you will actually have to write your own content. I am sure the steps above will help you get over this stumbling block to find your own unique writing voice.

Did you hear my voice just then? Good.

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