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Introducing the WordPress S3 Video Manager

WordPress S3 Video Manager

You are about to discover the easiest way to upload videos to Amazon S3 cloud storage! Everybody is paying more attention to video marketing these days because it’s extreme advantages for internet marketing. So, if you are one of those people who are interested in video marketing, looking forward to create professional looking sales pages for your product, increase your sales, and at the same time protect your content, then you must check out this brand new WordPeess plugin, it’s called WordPress S3 Video Manager.

I’ve decided to introduce the WordPress S3 Video Manager because I am sure that there are many people who are waiting for such a plugin to exist, it’s really amazing and it dose it’s job perfectly, and yes.. like any other hi developed plugin, it doesn’t require any technical skills, All what you really need to do is to create your killer video and don’t worry about where you will host your video anymore, let WordPress S3 Video Manager simply do all the dirty work for you!

Take a look into WordPress S3 Video Manager page now!

When it’s about introducing and promoting new products to the market, videos works like magic as they simplify the idea and make it much more clear and understandable which by defaults makes conversion more possible. I’ve seen this so many times, professional sales pages that has videos makes a lot more sales, I mean a LOT more than poorly text sales pages.

So, what’s the difference between YouTube and Amazon S3?

Maybe you think there is no difference between uploading your videos to YouTube and hosting it on a service like Amazon S3, if you think so then plz allow me to correct your idea about hosting videos!

In short, YouTube vs Amazon S3 is like being protected vs completely naked!

Buying your own cloud storage at Amazon is really something you should consider! Honestly, I would never recommend uploading videos to YouTube unless there are some SEO goals behind doing it, or it’s just another video that you are sacrificing or giving a way. I mean it doesn’t make any sense to work hard on creating an awesome video to market a particular product then because you don’t know how to protect it, you just give it a way by uploading it to the wrong place, it’s like telling to people: Here is my video guys, get it and reuse it, and plz take advantage of my work! Abuse me plz 🙂

Buy Your Success!

Of course no body can buy success, but some people do! How? Just pay for it!

Success is not easy, and it require hard work, a lot of time, some money and great passion. It takes a few decisions to achieve success! One of these decision is to use the right tools and to put things where it should be.. In the right place!

Most of internet marketers I knew was and still doing it wrong! Maybe they don’t want have access to a high scalable, reliable, fast and inexpensive data storage just because it’s not free! One word for them, it’s up to them! But, you must be different! Stop going for free stuff unless you want to stay in the same place for ever! You have to pay for your success!

Amazon S3 Cloud Storage

Get to know Amazon S3 and it’s incredible benefits, how it will protect your data, what’s the common uses of such storage, and how much it will cost you (I knew some guys who pay $10/$20 a month which is really affordable, plus you can get started with Amazon S3 for free. Upon sign-up, new AWS customers receive 5 GB of Amazon S3 storage, 20,000 Get Requests, 2,000 Put Requests, 15GB of bandwidth in and 15GB of bandwidth out each month for one year.) I’ve signed up after I got my copy of WordPress S3 Video Manager plugin so I can test it out closely and for other future uses as I am looking forward to speed up FamousBloggers load!

Once you signed up to Amazon S3, you will need to create a bucket!

Create your bucket using the AWS Management Console. Every object in Amazon S3 is stored in a bucket. Before you can store data in Amazon S3 you must create a bucket, it will be used for WP S3 video manager to store your videos.

WordPress S3 Video Manager

Installing and using the plugin is very simple, there isn’t much to do! And.. This is why you will love it!

WordPress S3 Video Manager Settings

Once you installed the plugin (like another WordPress plugin) you can go a head to WordPress S3 Video Manager settings, add your AWS Access Information, you are required to add your Access Key and Secret Key to give the plugin authorization to do it’s job!

WordPress S3 Video Manager Bucket

After hitting the save button, a drop list will appear, it will allow you to choose your bucket! So.. go a head and select it then click the save button again, and you are done!

WordPress Post TinyMCE editor

Now! go back to your normal blogging life, and when ever you create an amazing video for your blog or product, you don’t have to worry about it anymore, just click on the upload media button in your editor and you will see the new option added!

Add media file from Amazon S3

I think the options talks about itself, so there no more necessary explanation for it!

I just want to let you know that what is happening here is that your video will uploaded directly to your Amazon S3 bucket, and that is really awesome as you don’t have to jump between pages, login to your account, copy and paste codes… nothing from that! This is it! and the best part is you will get your video to played on a nice flowplayer which looks really cool!

WordPress S3 Video Manager example:

There is an example at the plugin page over ThesisReady.com provided by Adam Barber the creator of WordPress S3 Video Manager plugin, Adam and I discussed in the last two weeks about the future of the new plugin, we’ve talked about it’s support and updates, and Adam’s work is really promising, we are getting to know each other more in the coming few weeks and there is some exciting news I will be sharing with you soon!

Plz, note that WordPress S3 Video Manager plugin is not a free plugin, links in this post are my aff.

I hope you will enjoy the plugin! And I would like to hear from you if you have used Amazon S3, how did you benefit from it?!

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