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Are You a WordPress Junkie?

Wordpress Junkie

Are you a WordPress fan? Do you spend your time working on your WordPress site, researching new plugins, or learning how you can modify your theme just because you can? Then you are like me – always looking for more information about WordPress and sharing new tips and tricks with others.

Wouldn’t it be great to find a place where you can find all those great WordPress articles and even submit a great WordPress article you wrote in one place? If you are looking for a place like this, then I have the one for you. This place is WordPress Junkies. This site has it all! You can find everything from how-to articles to plugin/theme reviews.

You can even submit a WordPress related guest post if you want.

What Exactly is WordPress Junkies?

WordPress Junkies is a social network that is all about WordPress and only WordPress. It is a community for Worpress users, lovers and “junkies” (addicts or enthusiasts). The goal of this community is to provide a user friendly and efficient CMS platform for internet users to share and promote WordPress related stories. By promoting your articles on WordPress Junkies, you will be building relationships, generate more traffic, and learn more about WordPress.

WordPress Junkies was created by Michele Welch of NewBizBlogger and DiTesco of IBlogZone. Both run successful business blogs and both have a passion for WordPress. With these two creating, maintaining, and marketing WordPress Junkies, it’s going to be a great community to join.

How Can You Help the WordPress Junkies?

You can help the community by being active in the community and sharing every great WordPress Article you find and Tweeting and sharing content from WordPress Junkies to your social communities. Another great way to help out the community is by promoting the site through writing articles about WordPress Junkies, share your reviews, your best of articles, and other great finds on WordPress junkies. And of course, if you are a WordPress article writer or if you wanting to write some articles about WordPress, then submit them to the WordPress Junkies blog as a guest author.

Final Thoughts

Since its creation, I have been watching and using the site. So far, it’s a great little community. I have read several great articles and there are more added almost daily. Between the social bookmarking site and the new blog, it should be a great source for anyone looking for WordPress resources.

Although the site is still in beta, I believe it has already gotten a good start at collecting WordPress resources. To start using this service, simply sign up for an account and start submitting your WordPress articles or great articles you find. Then spend some time voting and engaging with the community.

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