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One Simple Change That Can Increase Your Website ROI

Website ROI

Have you ever been to a website and had an experience where you just don’t know what to click on? I swear I’ve been to some sites where there are so many things trying to grab my attention that it makes my eyes hurt.

It’s impossible to get a sense of what exactly it is the website owner wants you to do let alone enjoy the experience.

Are you making this mistake with your site?

Most websites and blogs start out pretty good. Remember when you’d just installed that theme? How clean was it?

After a while though, if you keep adding to your site, putting widgets in the sidebar, highlighting featured posts and adding newsletter signups, pretty soon you’ll start to lose focus on what the purpose of the site is.

Let’s take it back to basics…

One of the cornerstones of a great website is how well it converts visitors into customers.

And I don’t just mean selling something, but whatever your “conversion” is.

A conversion might mean selling a product, but it can also be disguised as getting someone to click on an ad, getting someone to go through an affiliate link, subscribe to a newsletter, or even call a phone number.

What is it you want your visitors to do?

I like to think of it like this:

If you conceptualise your website so that there is 1 major goal that covers your whole website, be it buying a product or subscribing someone to a newsletter, then you can clearly define what you want your visitors to do.

It’s this simple change, getting clear on a major goal for your website, that will help you in every other aspect of your website and marketing.

So do you know what the overall goal is for your website?

Now it’s time to take some hard action.

What is the one action you would have people take if you knew they couldn’t do anything else on your site?

Let us know in the comments, but don’t stop there…

Write down the one action you want people to take PLUS one thing you could change/do today to help increase the amount of people trying to do this action.

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