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Is Your Video Having 19 Million Views?

A Pakistani guy went to London with the hope to earn some money for his wife and children and started selling fish. He was instructed to use a trader’s call for calling the customers. He soon made a tone and started singing his fish song to attract customers (that has now become a part of his success and popularity).

I won’t bore you by telling you the whole story of that fishmonger – you can read about that here. I’m also not going to talk about the power of social media, you might already be aware of that and can read gazillions of articles on the Internet as well.

There is over 48 hours of new video content uploaded on Youtube every minute where only few videos have more than 1 million views. After the “PSY Gangman Style” that was uploaded on July 15, 2012, reached up to 1 billion views and is being watched 76.4 times per second thus becoming the most popular video of Youtube, “1 Pound Fish” was uploaded on December 10, 2012 which has now reached up to 14 million views and being watched 4.26 times per second.

Let’s get into the details.

About the Video

As a matter of fact, that guy is not a singer or dancer and can’t speak English properly but he is trying to attract customers to sell and earn more. He came up with a different idea and a unique style that was different from other traders (competitors). The specialties of this video:

Used His Singing Passion to Sell
The guy came up with a new way to grab customers and used his singing passion for selling fish and calling customers to have a look at his selling item.

Would everyone be selling through singing in the future? LOL!

Different from Other Sellers (Traders)
He was different and preferred to sing instead of shouting like other traders.

Did his voice attract customers?

The most “viral” or “viewed” videos on Youtube are funny. One Pound Fish is also a funny song and you may not be able to stop laughing and will start singing like me. “Have-a, have-a look, one pound fish. Very, very good, one pound fish,” – Hilarious, right?

Did the ‘fun’ video make him that popular?

This video is engaging, entertaining and has a new style with a catchy tune that attracts viewers to share with their friends.

Was the dance entertaining?

1 Pound Fish is a catchy slogan and the basis of success and its virality. “My customers said to me, ‘Your song is very good, so catchy'” Shahid Nazir (1 Pound Fish Guy) explained.

Now, known as “1 Pound Fish Guy”

When asked how the popularity of the song has affected his life, Shahid Nazir responded, “One Pound Fish changed my whole life.” When he returned to Pakistan he received a warm welcome from thousands of fans.

The video has been viewed more than 14 million times on YouTube, and the song clinched the 29th spot on the UK top 40 chart over Christmas.

Future of this Video

PSY Gangman Style has beaten the record of Justin Bieber’s song and reached the #1 spot on the most viewed videos on Youtube. 1 Pound Fish song was on the 18th position for most watched videos on Christmas day.

IMO, it would be in the list of top 30 videos of Youtube on Wikipedia within the coming months and will gain the popularity like Gangman Style in the coming days.


1 Pound Fish is a lesson to new businesses that are struggling for better establishment. This song teaches us to try things different from competitors, to be confident on what you do, to be challenging, to be unique and to make something new.

I chose to write about 1 Pound Fish because I was really inspired by his song and his intention. Apart from that, he is from Pakistan and these days Pakistanis can’t watch this video on “Youtube” specifically, as it is blocked in Pakistan. Good luck to Shahid Nazir! 🙂

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