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How to Market Yourself Using YouTube

YouTube Marketing

If you’re a young professional, you’re probably doing a lot of things to market yourself to different employers and people in your industry. Between your website, social media accounts, and other creative ways you probably are very successful at what you’re trying to accomplish.

f you’re not using YouTube as a tool to market yourself, you should. With YouTube, you can turn yourself from being just another fish in the sea to a shark that eats all those other fish. Check out these tips on how to successfully use YouTube to market yourself.

Be an Expert

No matter what professional field you are in, chances are there’s a huge YouTube community for your interests. You need to get into that community and establish yourself as an expert. Grow your YouTube following by creating video responses to other people’s videos, and make sure you offer some kind of expertise or angle that wasn’t previously mentioned. If you are able to establish yourself as an expert with your video responses, people will start to flock to your YouTube channel to start seeing your personal videos. Keep your videos engaging, and you’ll see your views start to shoot through the roof.

You can even make some extra money doing this kind of YouTube work. If you are able to generate a lot of views on your videos, YouTube may contact you to ask if you are interested in hosting ads on your videos. You’ll receive financial compensation if you choose to do so.

Post Your Presentations

If you’ve ever gone to conferences and created presentations, post them to YouTube. Posting your presentations to YouTube will help reaffirm you as an expert in your industry. If you’re in the music industry, posting presentations on how to download music for free may be a good choice. Even creating your own presentations that you’ve never used for a conference and posting them to YouTube could be a good idea, as your still establishing yourself as an expert. Just make sure you try to post some new and relevant information to your field, as there are likely lots of other people trying to do the same thing.

Share Your Videos

Don’t limit your YouTube presence to just YouTube. Share and embed all the videos you create on all of your different social media outlets. Every time you create a video, tweet out a link to your followers or share it with your Facebook friends.

Doing so will increase the likelihood that they’ll share the video too, which will increase the video’s views and in turn increase your web presence. Each video you share has the chance to increase your online visibility, so share as much as you can.

If you’ve created a video that you think is particularly interesting, share it with some of the renowned experts in your industry to see if they have any interest in sharing it with their followers. If they do choose to share it, you’ll be in for a very successful venture.

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