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What Kind Of Comment Spammer Are You ?

Comment Spammer

We all encounter a lot of troubles in our daily schedule of blogging and one of the most amusing thing is to observe how desperate people behave when it comes to comment spam and link building ! Lets have a look at how many types of people or should I say spammers we can expect to see.

The Bot :

We are all familiar about these kind of comments simply because they are so frequent ! We get to see these comments every day be it GASP or Akismet , you cant avoid to see the volume of these kinds of comments and they are obviously spun in a very funny way ! That makes a good laugh if nothing else .

How often do we end up getting comments like these!

Blog Spam

The Thankful Spammer

“Thank you , nice post” this is a comment that needs no introduction whatsoever !

These are the most irritating kinds and are not by bots but by humans , these are the kind of people who are led into believeing that their irritating thank yous are their prime link building strategy ! Not to mention , that the person who fooled them forgot to tell them that such comments rarely get accepted !

The One Timer

These are the hybrid kinds who are smart in making the comments , and these comments get accepted but you will notice one thing , once they get a backlink they dont bother to see what replies their ‘Smart Comments‘ have got . Their job is done !

The Oversmart kinds

These are the fourth most popular kinds of comment spammers . You will find them in every discussion and are more frequent than the bot comments itself . They never seem to follow what the thread is about or what people are discussing . They just want to make their presence felt .

The Pseudo Intellectual

These are the kinds that never seem to agree with what the author is saying! They always have a ‘better’ version of their story on their own ! They will go an extra mile to explain how the aothor is not only wrong but also why they make a better blogger than the author and they fit the fourth category most of the times

The Knowledgable One

These are the ones who are really interested in your content . They understand what you are saying , and while they may not always praise you , but they make sensible comments which help the author and the readers and add value to the post. Do i need to add that these are the rarest kinds ??

So what kind of comment spammer are you ?

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