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Best 10 Social Media Articles at MMO Social Network – Twitter or Google Buzz?

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I am going to do the MMO round for the MMO social network. Today’s round up is all about social media. We will start to do this on a weekly basis from now on, I am sure we will have a lot of fun while giving exposure to the network members. Every Tuesday there will be a round up of the latest articles submitted to the MMO network by active members.

So join the MMO social network if you want to have your links posted on our blog. Our weekly round up will always cover one or two topics and as I’ve said, today is about social media.

Articles I Found on MMO Social Network For You:

Social Media Posts

I chose to include a post about MMO Social Bookmark site itself because it gives you an idea of what the social network is about and what we are ultimately trying to achieve.

Twitter vs Google Buzz

If you take a look at all the posts that I included they are pretty much all either about Twitter or Google Buzz. It’s possible that it’s just my personal bias that I picked all of the articles about Twitter and Buzz,  but I’d like to believe that it’s not.

It seems strange that everyone is talking about Twitter and Google Buzz. I want to get to know your view on social media and to hear what you think about Twitter compared to Google Buzz.

Let’s Debate

Do you actually use Twitter or Google Buzz? I have to be honest I don’t use Google Buzz even though I have a Google mail account. I rather rely on Twitter. I think Google is involved in too many businesses and I don’t want them to take over all markets. What do you think?

Image credits : a mix of Jim Carrey‘s twitter background & Google Buzz Free Icons from SocialH

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