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TweetAdder 4.0 Discount

I’ve reviewed TweetAdder 4.0 the other day, and I’ve got some news about TweetAdder’s pricing plan. As you may know, TweetAdder is being sold on a one time fee basis, so you just pay once for the software, and get free lifetime updates and support. In the upcoming future TweetAdder will be converting this model to a monthly subscription.

This may not affect already buyers as TweetAdder stated in their 4.0 release announcement. But, it won’t be that cool for new people who are planning to purchase a TweetAdder license, I mean paying monthly subscription to get the software working.

So, since we still don’t know when exactly TweetAdder will convert to the monthly subscription plan -the good news is- you still have a chance to purchase TweetAdder now at one time fee, and use your license to guarantee using the software for life time, and avoid paying a monthly fee when TweetAdder do the switch.

If you don’t know what is TweetAdder, It’s basically an automated Twitter marketing and management software, read my review for more details ( there is a video as well).

TweetAdder Discount

I’ve got a discount code for you, this will save you 20% of the original price of your chosen license.

Get discount code:

You can use HZ20 for 20% off TweetAdder‘s normal price.

Once TweetAdder convert to subscriptions, any future purchase will be on a subscription basis at that point. So, if you want to use TweetAdder, just go a head and download it now, try it and see if it’s the right Twitter management software for you, or not.

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