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Tweet Old Post Plugin for WordPress Effectively Draws In More Comments

Awhile ago, I decided to try Tweet Old Post by Ajay Matharu on my own websites to see how effective it was. The great thing is that it allows you to bring back content that you just do not have the time to manually tweet again or even program to schedule. I have found Tweet Old Post plugin to be a great plugin for WordPress users.

Blogging and engaging takes time. Regardless if your blog is part of your business or it is for fun, anything to save time to engage in conversation with others is a big plus. For me, I am not much on installing gobs of plugins, but I believe this is something that anyone that pumps out relevant and timeless material could benefit. This also keeps your Twitter stream looking active.

This plugin has gone through a lot of bumps in the past, most circling around the Twitter authorization issues. There were some cases that I read that posts were duplicated, but when looking at the sites, there were not many posts to begin with. Most the the usage errors had come from not setting up the plugin correctly as it requires you to schedule your tweets and make sure to pay attention to the numbers put in the plugin’s fields. Otherwise, Tweet Old Post is quite an effective plugin.

Tweet Old Post Features

I noticed comments on older posts had risen nearly 60%. I can only conclude that it is because that the post had been tweeted at a time that was able to reach more users than the first time I had ever tweeted the post. This is a huge plus for bloggers who love to talk with their readers. Correction: Tweet Old Post is a HUGE PLUS for anyone, including businesses who want to engage more with readers.

Do you use Tweet Old Post or something similar? What do you think of it?

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