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Tweepi is Going Premium Twitter Management Tool for Business

Twitter Management Tool

I have notice some changes in Tweepi menu yesterday (you must be logged in to see it), and I thought to share with you some information about Tweepi as a great Twitter management tool that I have been using since a few months back to manage my Twitter accounts, my friend Amer the founder of Tweepi, and the nice Twitter Follow Friday application, we have talked a few times by phone and on Skype three months ago to discuss some stuff about the future of Tweepi and Twitter applications, and I can see that he is doing some great development on his applications, and just added some nice premium features on a very affordable price without touching the free available features!

Tweepi Premium Pricing

OK, let me talk first about pricing because this is the real motivation behind writing this post about Tweepi, maybe because I am pricing a new service myself and the pricing thing is hitting me so badly!

Although, I didn’t talk to Amer before publishing this post, as I want to surprise him with this! lol so I will then tweet him @thoughtpick latter when the post goes online! and oh! congratulations for the new design of  ThoughtPick blog, very nice!

I think that Amer is a guy who really appreciate and support the community! Because he actually set a So Very Affordable Price for Tweepi premium features! I mean who can not afford $4.99 a month to go Tweepi premium?!

Tweepi Business Edition

Here is the real cool stuff that makes Tweepi useful for Businesses as twitter management tool, there is a set of useful features in the business edition that I like, for example:

Some really nice features that might help you focus while planning your Twitter marketing strategy, and working out things more easier by putting your hands on valuable information about your followers, and at the same time growing your targeted followers count fast!

Tweepi Premium and Business Editions

Here is a shot from Tweepi Premium and Business Editions pricing page, I see something about “DIY (do-it-yourself) package”, I don’t know what is it, so.. maybe this post is early a little bit early, if you don’t find more information about the “DIY (do-it-yourself) package” then check latter as they might be working on it!

Personal Tweepi Thoughts

This is just some thought I have for Tweepi that might help Amer and his team to gain more exposure and do extra promotion as I imagine!

Pricing: I think their pricing is awesome, and they need to work more on spreading the word out to the online business world, and probably this can be done by preparing a simple marketing plan through other blogs, those who will review the service and share their thoughts with the interested people!

More Information: Another important thing that I think it’s still missing, which is to provide more information on the site about the new services and how to make use of it, maybe some screen shots will be helpful as well!

Affiliate Program: I can see also they are missing a good affiliate program for their new services, I mean what’s a better way to encourage others to promote Tweepi services more than sharing a percentage of profits?!

Reading.. and keep Reading

One important thing to do when you land on a new website is to “read well” the available information, because I am sure that you are missing some nice stuff if you don’t read the information provided by the owner, and I think a lot of people are missing the feature of selecting more than one Twitter user at once and save your valuable time, although that I know is that Twitter prohibit that action, so I am not going to tell you straight how to do it, but .. people.. you need to read!

Here is an Tweepi overview as a cool Twitter management tool that you might be interested to read on Harsh’s blog shoutmeloud.com

Is Tweepi providing accurate information?

I have got a tweet from one of my followers saying that this application doesn’t give accurate information! we.. I am not a tech guy but from my simple understanding I can tell that almost all Twitter applications is the same because they are talking to the same Twitter API, and it will never give 100% accurate information all the time, even if the code is clean, put in mind that a machine is talking to another machine, so it makes a lot of sense that some information will not be accurate in some moments, for sure there is a percentage of data could be lost in the way! or.. I don’t know.. it’s just the way I see it! so.. if you have an explanation.. plz explain it!

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