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Help your Twitter Followers to Get more Followers this Friday

Twitter follow Friday

After succeeding to get more attention from people in our blog community and twitter followers for our 40 Famous Guest Bloggers you should Follow on Twitter posts that I have published couple of weeks back, and because Chris Brogan touched the sensitive part of transporting Twitter traffic on #FF day, I will keep experimenting better ways to do it!

Twitter became the most enjoyable social media platform for me, it’s the best place I can share my articles so far with less effort, it’s the most active work station for ideas on the internet planet, and the simplest and most fast way of communication on earth as we all know.

I am really.. really needing to quote this from Chris’s post because this is the most part that got my attention, and it’s 100% what I am trying to do and up to while promoting our blog community, it’s an excellent advice to Turn Twitter’s Follow Friday in Blog Traffic:

Find the good people. Find people who need the attention. Find people who matter to you. Share the locals.

What an awesome advice!

Twitter Follow Friday

Those are our Twitter followers I recommend to you this Friday, plz follow them and connect with them, they are very active and supportive people on Twitter:

I recommend you follow those tweeters above today, and start to connect with them, you are the winner… you won’t regret it!

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