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Thesis Skins The Problem and Solution

Thesis Skins

A few months back I wrote an article by doing a fast one question interview with top niche web designers, I asked them to give their opinion about Thesis Theme as a framework for WordPress CMS platform, I got amazing responds plus magnificent opinions. I visit this article from time to time, I really enjoy reading it over and over.

Probably this was the motivation behind my new project as I realized a big problem and I was trying to find a solution.

Today, I am introducing -for the first time- our new Thesis Skins membership site and our new Awesome Options Panel for all Thesis Themes lovers in our community.

Thesis Theme is kind of expensive for some people, especially for those who are starting a new business blog in a very low and limited budget. I must remind you that no body can earn money from nothing, you need to spend on your business some hard cash, your goal here is to create a better blog, and if you can do it by yourself, then you must know that Time equals Money, and this is the un-sexy truth about blogging that most of us try hard to find ways to escape from.

Alright, Probably you never heard this story!

I haven’t told this to anyone before, I would love to tell you about what happened to me right after I bought Thesis Theme!

After I got my copy of Thesis Theme, I installed it on FamousBlogger, the blog was ugly and has no life, I mean really ugly, and looks like 100s of other blogs out there, and maybe I don’t need to tell you this, but it was true. I was having hard times customizing the skin for Famous Bloggers, even being a web designer didn’t help that much. I was lost and trying to find my way like a blind person working on something he never had any experience with. I knew later that even the most professional web designers will put their feet in it, so I am fine, the problem is’t something related to my design skills, it’s hard to deal with Thesis theme at the first time!

So, I decided to shake my wallet, I contacted a Thesis Theme designer, I asked him to solve my problem, I asked for a custom skin for FamousBloggers, I asked him to give me his best price, but in my mind I was ready to pay whatever money to customize my Thesis theme. I was going BANANAS! And guess what?

Yes… Exactly! (like always) The web designer I’ve contacted was busy and not accepting design work!

I was lost again, I didn’t know what to do, but I never lose my hopes.

After a few months I found an awesome premium Thesis Skin, I said to myself.. This is it! I decided to buy it immediately, and I did! I paid $50+ for it!

What happened after that?

I thought I had solved my blog design problems, but then I found out that everybody is using the same skin! I said to myself no way! FamousBloggers will never dress like any other blog, it will never look like any other blog, it has to get a unique design!

So, I decided to forgot about it, I didn’t use it, and yes I’ve paid $50+ for a Thesis Skin and I haven’t use it , I don’t even remember where it’s saved on my laptop! I mean … I just forgot about it!

How to solve this ridicules problem?!

For each problem, there must be at least one solution, and some times there are more than one solution for same problem! I decided to provide the solution!

Yes! I decided to take an action and work behind the scenes to solve Thesis Theme design problems, not only my own problem, but I decided to solve everybody’s problem.

What I thought of was a combination of several goals that could bring benefits in so many ways, let me tell you what I am thinking of:

  1. I want to help you redesign your blog
  2. I want also to Support our community
  3. And, of course Earn Money
  4. Not only this, but.. I want YOU also to earn money with me!

Yes! you will be able to redesign your thesis theme exactly like I did for my blog, you will be able to add new features to your blog, and get a unique skin customization in a low price and reasonable support. So, let’s go across the points I’ve mentioned above!

1- Do you need a New Blog Design?

If this is something you need, then you will get it in no time, and it’s super easy, you will even choose the best layout for your blog, and if you like to play with codes and get to know how things works, then you are the master! Being part of the community will help you to increase your skills.

We think that ThesisAwesome.com was made to be different and to stand out as a membership site for bloggers, marketer, designers and developers, it’s more like a Skin Framework, or at least this is how I think about it, you will know what I mean by Skin Framework when you put your hands on it and see how awesome your blog can be! You will be able to generate several designs with some little experience and support.

You don’t know how to code? Not a problem! You will be amazed by the new control options panel we have created for Thesis Theme, more is coming soon about it!

2- How we will support the community?

We will try to make things look more beautiful than they already are. I mean.. Let’s face this fact, Thesis Theme created an amazing opportunity for most of us, our blog skins will not work as a stand alone product, and to get Thesis you have to spend $87 for it’s personal option, also this price could go higher soon when Thesis 2.0 arrives, so there is no better time to get your hands dirty with Thesis theme than today!

My plan is simple, if you have design or development skills why not work together? I’ve made a system with almost everything we need to do the job, you can start designing and let me help you with selling your amazing work! it’s a little long story, so if you are into business then contact me right now and let’s discuss, maybe we can work something nice out together!

I believe that growing this community will help us to bring some new designs to Thesis world with lower price to serve our community.

3- How I will make money?

I’ve created a system, this system will allow me to sell my thesis skins. The good thing is the affiliate program, this should increase sales depending on how many members like the designs and are welling to promote it.

We now have 4 awesome skins, and the 5th is coming out in a few days. We have two options, personal and developer options. Both options will allow unlimited downloads to all available skins, and any new skins we will deliver during the membership. For developers it’s going to be fun, developers can download all skins plus the ability to use Thesis Awesome Skins freely on their client’s sites which will allow them do the job faster and work less.

There is  more news for you!

4- How You will earn money?

This is the best and most interesting part of every business, it’s where we discuss on how we will earn money. There is more than one way to make money together on this project:

  1. Get A Skin developer membership and deliver better customization to your clients.
  2. Designers and Developer can place their Thesis Skins in our network. (More details coming soon!)
  3. Join ThesisAwesome affiliate program. enjoy 50% commission.

What we did?

Thesis Skins Gallery

What we did was try to find a good solution by providing an affordable membership site. Becoming a member in our community will change your blog and the way your visitors will look at it. You will get a new blog design, more features in your blog skin, you will learn a lot from this experience if you like to play with codes, and you will earn money by referring new members to join our community and buy our Thesis Skins.

What we did was creating a complete new site, I call it ThesisAwesome.com maybe because I was thinking that one day we can make Thesis Theme customization much easier and affordable for everyone, and This is Awesome! because we have got a website now that we can work together through it.

What Makes ThesisAwesome.com different?

As you know, there is no other membership site that will allow you to download all Thesis skins they provide. So… let’s think about it, you will get your hands on 4 skins once your become a member, this is not all, you will also get not less than 3 new skins during your membership, we will try to create one skin every month or two depending on the amount of support we provide to the community, keeping our promises for a good thesis skins support is the main goal of this project. This means you will have around 7 skins at the end of your membership which is one year from subscribing!

I am sure if you own Thesis Theme and you own many blogs this will sound good to you! This is also a great option for developers and services owners, it will for sure open new door for more business opportunities.

The second huge difference is the commission and payouts, we will give 50% commission to our affiliates, so… mm.. I will let this for your imagination!

What Makes our Awesome Thesis Skins Different?

Alright, you might be asking yourself this question!

Basically, I design thesis skins for bloggers in the blogging and marketing niches so far, those guys need to save every minute of their valuable time and focus on what really matters for their online business, here it comes my part, I design and code so they don’t have to, I design thesis skins considering you are planning to profit from your blog, and you can actually make money from it, and this is the main reason I thought of creating the Thesis Skin Framework model. Actually things went more far that that, I will tell you the exciting news as development reached a good level in the last a few days.

I was able to implement a control panel to add more features to thesis theme with no coding required at all, yes.. Zero coding! 0% coding skills.

Is it good to be true ?

It’s really good.. And it’s true! And, I am going to save you weeks of hard work, pain, headaches, and more!

You will no longer need to jump between 1000s of Thesis Theme tutorials on the internet to see what works for real and what dose not work, you will not need to get your hands dirty by coding anymore, my new Thesis options panel will take care of that with a  few clicks on check boxes!

Introducing Thesis Options Panel

This is a screenshot from the new options panel for Thesis theme, it will simple change the way you look to your blog, loads of features with no coding or dealing with hocks anymore, it’s just awesome and it will blow your mind!

Thesis Options Panel

I’ve included amazing features in the new thesis options panel, all what it takes to create an amazing blog in an extremely easy way is included, I actually got theses features from FamousBloggers blog as it shows a big success during the first year of blogging, so I thought to add features that I am sure you are interested in, and it can not be found elsewhere this easy!

Do we have a special offer?

We live in a special offer! When we were thinking about the price, I put in mind time and effort!  I knew since the beginning that price will depend on how much time and effort we have to put in this project, but we were actually doing our best not to go high with our pricing, I personally prefer to charge what I deserve, and at the same time help our community to earn together by giving a good affiliate commission which is 50% of each skin or membership, so… If you are asking about the price, and whither if we will give special offers for the new skin or not, the simple answer is “I am not sure about that”, maybe because we -right now- are living in a big special offer!

It all depends on the market, time and effort we put in the project!

Join us Today!

There is no need to think twice, check those Thesis skins, there is demos for each skin, make your mind and take action, be part of our community, it’s a good idea to subscribe for the newsletter over ThesisAwesome.com to stay tuned.. I am coming very soon with an update for the progress of the new skin and the new options panel!

Have any questions? I will be glad to answer it!

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