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Using Sprints To Win The Business Marathon

Business Marathon

Don’t become a deer in the headlights!

You set out in business with lofty goals, ambitions and dreams. You’re all excited! You’re nearly giggly with enthusiasm for what you are going to accomplish!

Our mentors tell us we X, Y, Z … and A, B, C. We have this huge learning curve and task curve that MUST be accomplished to get where we want to go.

You write all these tasks out and look at them and suddenly… reality sinks in…

Then you groan.

And scuff your feet in the dirt.

And wonder if you just bit off WAY more than you can chew.

Then you back-pedal, panic, and procrastinate.

The monumental nature of what must be accomplished can take us from excited to scared out of our minds in a heartbeat!

Fortunately, it’s simply a matter of shifting how we plan…

Rather than let the monumental effort of climbing the ENTIRE mountain set us into panic, we have to be AWARE of the mountain yet consciously chose to focus on smaller, more doable tasks.

Building a Business

Most long distance marathons are broke up into “legs” (portions) of the race and each leg is made emotionally significant. Why is this? This is because a marathon as a whole is incredibly long and grueling – just like the process of building a business – and without way-points to strive for that feel accomplishable – the runner (and the business owner) would give up.

Building a business is a marathon – not a sprint.

However, dividing up the things we must do, such as “learn article marketing”, into bite-sized segments or sprints make them substantially more doable than simply setting out today, this very moment saying, “today I need to build a six figure business”.

Take all those tasks and things you need to learn and divide them down into singular things to do or learn and allocate them a 30 or 90 day stretch.

You can grow – yourself and your business – a LOT in 30 days with a 30 day video blogging challenge.

Learn Article Marketing

Perhaps you need to learn article marketing, if so, give yourself 90 days to learn it and during the last 30 do an article a day self-challenge.

When you know that “next Monday” you start your new Article Marketing SPRINT, you can get excited about it. You can take that energy and that focus and let yourself get STOKED and FIRED UP about the opportunity to focus on article marketing for the next 90 days. (Now of course we often have to continue doing other business tasks during this time block but that’s not the point.)

Now use that excitement as LEVERAGE to fuel you forward. Let thrill of a new challenge give you a “running start” into the experience.

And… as the ninety days draws to an end… and you find it very very difficult to keep on writing… let the knowledge that you are ALMOST THERE motivate you to hang in there to the FINISH LINE.

Once the finish line is reach, celebrate! Enjoy the victory! Do not downplay it as a “small win” because each leg of the race is important!

This is how marathons are won… and businesses are built.

One leg of the race at a time. One sprint at a time.

Now you CAN do what before seemed impossible.

Go for the gold!

Now I want to hear from you… What sprint are YOU entering next? What are you excited to be set out to learn? If you’re in the middle of a phase, perhaps you can tell us how it feels to be halfway to your goal. What do you find motivates or hinders you? If you’re near the end of a phase, how sweet does that finish line look about now? Celebrating a victorious run? Tell us about it!

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Here’s to your unlimited success,

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