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How Long will it take to Earn A Six figure Income Online

Six Figure Income Online

Every now and then we visit a site where we see the webmaster holding a  4 or 5 figure income check to our face that he or she made from one of the monetization models on his or her site.

That’s just one source of income, that means he or she makes 6 or more figure income every month we wonder.

Then a lot of thoughts and questions starts running through our minds. For those who’ve started their online business for a while but yet to make money from it, they start to wonder what they are doing wrong that they are not yet making money. When will they too start making such money. They contact the webmaster and ask how he or she is achieving such success. So they can follow his or her foot steps.

The ones that are completely new to the internet get excited seeing the potential income they can make on the internet. They immediately want to know how long it will take them to start making such amount of money. How many hours they will need to put in, what exactly they will need to do and all that.

While it is a good thing to know what is working for others so that we can use it as a guide for building our business, if we are not careful it could mislead and discourage us from our internet business.

There are cases of people who suddenly change their business model to suit that of a problogger because since he or she is making a six figure income and they are not, they think that means they are doing something wrong, which might not necessarily be the case.

The way some probloggers present their ‘make money online‘ messages it has made beginners think that it is very easy to earn online. And when they set up a blog and realize that is not the case, they get frustrated and immediately give up.

The truth about making a Six figure income Online

The first thing you must know is that making a six figure income online doesn’t happen immediately even if some people promote the idea that it does. And a six figure income is a reflection of many years of hard work, determination, persistence and passion by the webmaster.

If you get the story behind the success of those making a six figure income on the internet you will find out that they succeeded because they never gave up and they’ve failed several times before achieving such success.

Recently I watched the video of Lisa of 2createawebsite.com where she took are readers through her journey to success. She said her first site failed. And there were times she put in 6-8 hours work into her internet business but didn’t make more than $20 a month. According to her it took her 6 years to replace her 9-5 job salary. And so far she has been online now building her business for 12 years (started 1998).

And others like her making a six figure income online have similar stories.

This gives you an idea of what it takes to earn a six figure income on the net. It doesn’t mean it will take you 10 – 12 years to earn same amount, it could take you less or more depending on the factors below.

Some Factors that determine how long it takes you to earn Six figure Online

How well you plan your site: Having the right details about a niche you are going into before actually venturing into it will reduce the time that it will take you to succeed since you will be focused when you start, with a good plan on how to win in your niche.

Someone that knows where he or she is going hardly gets distracted. If such person sees a big check flashed by a problogger instead of wondering how he or she did it and start changing everything to suit what that problogger is doing, he or she is encouraged knowing that it is only a matter of time before he or she starts earning the same amount.

The competitiveness of your niche: If your niche is less competitive then the work and time involved to make a success of it will be lesser. Vice versa.

How well you do marketing: It’s not enough to promote your site, you must do it well whenever you do. Offer value when promoting not spamming.

How passionate you are about your niche: Whether or not your niche is competitive, you should have passion for the niche you write on. Not just so that your articles writing doesn’t seem like much hard work for you, but also for your content to esuade your passion in other to connect with your readers.

Your general knowledge about how successful e-business is built: Understanding how successful online business is built will cut down the years it takes you to succeed. Know how the search engines work and how to please them. Know what your readers want and how to give it to them. Know how to do effective keyword research and pick a profitable niche. Having a knowledge of these three areas will help you a lot.

The amount of time you are able to put in and what you do with it: Naturally someone who does the business full time will likely achieve success quicker than someone who does it part-time especially if the person has a plan and focused on doing things related to building the business regularly.

My advice on building a successful e-business

The internet is wide enough for everyone to compete, but to compete and succeed you must be determined and be willing to do all that is necessary to be successful. Don’t let anything or anyone dissuade you.

You can’t be afraid of failure. If you are afraid to fail even before you start then I think you’ve already failed. Every successful business person whether online or offline will tell you the blessings that has come with their failures.

Most of the articles I write today are from my experiences because I failed with my first blog just like most people do. Some don’t succeed until several failed attempts.

If you are someone that is determined to excel in a particular thing, failing in it forces you to ask why. And when you follow it up you will be amazed at what you will learn and therefore can help others with. So like I would always say, you must learn to love to fail in order to achieve success.

When you fail it doesn’t make you a failure. You only become a failure when you refuse to ask “why did I fail?” and learn.

Be patient. No matter what you do, success doesn’t come overnight. Like I before it requires passion, hard-work, persistence, determination and time to earn good income online.

To your success.

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