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You know, sometimes you land on an interesting post or article, then you got inspired to write, this is exactly what happen to me when I read Sara Lancaster‘s guest post at SavvySexySocial.com, so I quickly fired up my post editor and decided to write right away, before anything interrupt my inspiration. So, I hope you will find this post useful in any way.

Sara wrote about how she -think- failed in marketing her free ebook 103 Ways to Create Sharp Blog Content, and what she actually did to make things right and achieve her goals. That guest post is really interesting, informative, and best of all.. It’s honest!

The goals behind that ebook was pretty simply though

  1. build links
  2. attract new clients
  3. and reach 5,000 downloads

Well, it looks simple, but the last goal which is (reach 5,000 downloads) seems to be the hardest one to achieve. However I think that’s not a big issue Sara, it’s just a matter of time 🙂

I don’t think anyone of your friends hated the eBook, I think it’s awesome!

I am so sure that anyone who read this → 103 Ways to Create Sharp Blog Content will just love it!

So, I vote for busyness too!

Plus, it’s a FREE ebook! (that’s part of the problem). In other words, I would love to promote your ebook if it was a paid one, and especially if I will get a commission! Don’t get e wrong, but in this bad economy, only a few things can force me to free up some time!

One thing we don’t realize!

When I first started blogging and internet marketing, I was having a better respond from my fellow bloggers than today!

The difference here is I didn’t wrote any ebook, at least not yet, so I didn’t have to promote my ebook online.

I remember when I launched my first real design project, I was crashing it. I’ve got many reviews, actually more than I expected.

But, when I launched my second development project, it was different, I didn’t get the respond I expected assuming that my network is growing and I am practically able to reach out more people!

So, what happened?!

Do people hate my plugin ? They have other stuff eating up their time? Or maybe I’ve lost my influence 🙂

You see, I still have great connection and relationship with almost all the people I used to connect with since more than three years, and I’ve doubled my network more than once during that time. Today, most of them are doing better with their business, a lot of them are better than me, they are more stronger, and able to help me out with my promotion than ever.

But I realized that they must have a lot more on their plates than ever!

Some of them don’t open the emails I sent to my list, not sure why are subscribed! So, what makes them respond to me, especially that my plugin has a free to download copy?!

Well, I just discovered the I do exactly the same thing! I simply can’t keep up with all of them, I can’t promote all their amazing stuff even if it will make me rich, I wish I can! I mean come on, check my blogging goals for 2012 and see what I mean!

So, again…

I vote for busyness.

It’s all about Time; our biggest challenge!

P.S. Sara really did a nice free ebook, read it → 103 Ways to Create Sharp Blog Content, it’s easy as 29 page full of amazing tips, I personally wish if that ebook was mine 🙂 let me know what you think!

Now, tell me…

Have you had hard time promoting your new ebook online?

What you did to overcome it?

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