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How To Turn Black Hat SEOs Into Your Private Army Of Drones

Army Of SEO Drones

Let’s face it. As much as I would like to sit here and tell you that we live in a world where everyone plays by the rules and that white hat tactics get you to the top, which they do, the truth is…there are many highly skilled SEOs that have skill sets that far exceed yours, and mine for that matter.

I know, I know. The truth hurts. But the fact remains. This is the environment that we have to work in and to survive, much less advance, in this environment, you will have to understand what the rules of engagement really are online.

So here we go.

I did a post on my blog a while back entitled: “White Hat SEO Does Not Guarantee Safe Website Passage…Unfortunately…:(“. If you get a chance, read it so that you can think about what I am going to show you in a bias free way.

If you are a blogger and you use your blog to make money online, then your livelihood is being targeted each and every day. Ever heard of Scrapers? Auto-blogs? Spinners? Synonymizers? Etc. Etc.

Well, all of these are fun and wonderful technologies in themselves, but together, they can and in many cases do form combination scripts that literally strip the value away from your work and dilute it out of SEO existence.

No time in SEO history has this become more evident AND PAINFUL than in the post-Panda environment that we find ourselves.

As an advocate of the responsible and white-hat use of the potentially blog-lethal black hat techniques, I know first hand the type of damage they can do to all of the hard work that you have put into your business.

Of course, I am talking about your work being duplicated without your consent. Now, I am not saying that duplicate content gets you penalized. It doesn’t. But, what it also doesn’t do is rank in organic search queries. So it may as well be penalized. Google has stated before that just because you own an original does not mean that it is the copy that will show in the search results, rather, the most trusted copy will rank, which may very well not be yours…:(

Well, that’s easy to handle, you say, just issue a DMCA notice to the offending party’s hosting service or ISP right? Sure…in “some” cases that might work. But in the real world, you know, the one that contains synonymizer scripts, it ain’t so easy.

BHers can come and script-scrape your content, gut it, put it back together and publish virtually an unlimited number of copies anywhere on the web. I have seen this with my own eyes. It’s very painful to watch and very frustrating.

What-is-more is the fact that it dilutes my articles in terms of uniqueness. Sure they are not duplicate, but they are no longer unique since it now looks like everybody is writing about “that subject”.

It is for this reason that I now adopt what I refer to as “Spindication” (Google it). It’s kinda like syndication, but with respect to people looking to do damage to my business because they are lazy, it’s somewhat similar to what you see in the video below…

[youtube aOx_wHhitqk 640 360]

Notice the flares? Know what they do? Of course you do. The keep that C-130 from getting blown out of the sky by a heat seeking missle.

Think of your blog as that C-130 carrying valuable and irreplaceable cargo…namely, your content.

Scrapers, Auto-blogs, Spinners and Synonimizers are like heat-seekers ready to fire off and knock you out of the top organic search spots. It happens.

So what can you do? Flare em’. Just like the C-130 flares heat seekers, your little humble blog can be set up in the exact same way. It’s really pretty simple and it works like a freaking charm…;)

Of course, you need to be running WordPress to build this, so if you’re not, well, sorry Charlie..:( But if you are :), you will need two or three plugins to make this work properly.

First, you will need a dynamic spinner script that can spin your posts each time it is loaded in a browser. Next, you will need a plugin that applies the “no-index” and “nofollow” attributes to the mature seeds that you will be publishing.

Now, you will have to write a few spinner seeds and mature them to plant in a very special category that you can reference on your blog in the form of a post or link.

Additionally, this category will have to have a link to it’s own special RSS Feed. This is VERY important. Now there are several plugins that can auto-generate category specific plugins, but, personally, I prefer to hand-code my URL’s as RSS scripts can be a bit messy.

It’s pretty simple. Create a category specific for these “flare articles”, hand code the feed as follows: http://www. yoursite .com/category/ category-name /?feed=rss2

Simply add your site name and your category name respectively and you should see something like this.

How To Turn Black Hat SEOs Into Your Private Army Of Drones

If you are unfamiliar with spinning articles, it’s a pretty simple process. Synonymization takes the longest amount of time, and for this technique to not only divert scraper-script activity but also become an SEO Juggernaut, you will have to synonymize effectively.

Spinning readable articles is a three part process:

Step 1 ) Write a five hundred word article that is unique, informative and resourceful. Don’t skim on it. Do a little research and make it worthy of reading and educational.

Step 2 ) Rewrite each sentence in the five hundred word article two more times. Place curly brackets around each trio of sentences and separate each sentence using horizontal slashes. Coders refer to this as spyntax or spintax.

Step 3 ) Use a synonymizer script to synonymize each sentence. This takes the most time by far, but using a script to assist your efforts speeds up the process dramatically. If you do not have one, I highly recommend SpinnerChief. It is free and very effective.

Ultimately, first order synonymization will look something like this: The {trick|key|technique|method|secret} to {internet|web|online} {marketing|selling|business} is really a {combination|collection|function} of {several|many|multiple} {things|items|aspects|components}.

Total seed generation time takes about the amount of time it would take to write about ten articles on any given subject. If you are new to spinning, I highly recommend nesting no more than two levels deep as it is easy to get lost in the spintax.

Finally, run your seed through an article spinner that will process the seed about ten times. Read it each time and filter out the mistakes that make it “sound funny”.

We will now publish our seed and make it available for republishing. A great guide you can point your visitors to is the article entitled AutoBlog SERP Domination. This will teach BHers how to scrape your feed in a way that you approve of and that you will actually benefit from.

Make Your Spins Trusted Resources

One of the most prevalent ways to make your article a trusted resource is to build backlinks to it. Of course, since spindicated spins will be flying off of the shelves, we will not have the luxury of tracking them and building links to them.

However, we will have the luxury of seeding them with spinner links containing varying anchor text.

Why is this important? Well, we all know the necessity of having a natural looking backlink structure. What could be better than an army of unique scraped articles all residing on separate C-Class IP addresses all containing varying anchor text for at lease three links in the scraped articles…two resource links pointing to high-authority, high-PR web pages and one “money” link with varying anchor text pointing to your landing page?


From this point, you just advertise FREE UNIQUE CONTENT. Once this is in place, get ready to dominate. I publish these occasionally and a few have almost melted my servers. Keep an eye on that, especially if word gets out.

And that’s basically it. Remember. We live in the real world. And sometimes that means that you have to think in the dark to see the light…;)

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