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Search Engine Optimization With Free Blogs

Search Engine Optimization

There are a large number of websites that offer free WordPress blogs. Some of them are laden with advertising that you do not earn money for, because you are using it as an SEO tool.

If you speak and write in multiple languages, then you have the opportunity to reuse your posts without creating double the amount of content! The only thing you need to do is translate all your posts into one of the other languages and then publish them on a free website for of all your blogs.

Simply divide your post up and publish them on 3 to 4 other blogs, but only the versions you’ve made in the other languages where you’ll link back to your own blog.

A great place for this is Blogdive.com. Here you can get a free WordPress blog where you can publish your posts without restrictions. But this is not the only place they offer free blogs. They also have another 10 sites where you can get a blog running with WordPress and where your blog is a subdomain. (List at the bottom of this post)

When you divide your posts on to several blogs, it might also be a good idea to republish articles from article databases, since it’s allowed as long as you publish the article without changing the links that are in it. Of course, you are allowed to make additional links, but you’ve already got the links you need.

Since this is something that spam blogs are also doing, you need to do a little extra work to ensure your blogs don’t get labeled as one. It requires very little of you, and on the other hand, you are also helping those who wrote the articles you use.

Change the links in the articles, delete “Nofollow” in the links

Spam Blogs use only “Nofollow” and a javascript to catch trackbacks, and this is also the way they get caught. This means that if you make those changes, the chance of your blog getting caught and tagged by Google and other search engines as spam is minimal. The many free blogs out there are very committed to eliminating spam blogs, so by making that small change, the chance that your blog will be removed is less this way. It’s in your interest to do so, and on the other hand, this way you give a little back for what you get.

The list is:

Other sites where you can get your own free blog.

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