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5 Ways To Repurpose Articles From Your Blog

Repurpose Articles

The biggest obstacle I see when I talk to clients about their blogs, is that writing original content for their blogs can be quite time consuming. Of course what I really hear them saying is that, “I am not seeing enough benefits or results from all of my hard work.” And I can understand those feelings, can’t you?

Time is money, and that’s why if you sit down to write a fantastic article for your blog, or someone else’s blog, you want to see more than a few visits to your site and retweets for the day. You want to be able to extend the life of that blog article, and here are a few ways that have successfully worked for me…

Idea #1 – Republish Articles In Newsletters

If you find yourself struggling to find content for your newsletter, you probably have just completely forgotten that you have tons of wonderful articles from your blog available for republishing in a newsletter or ezine.

Remember that not everyone on your list has visited your blog today, or the day that you published your article. Not everyone saw that guest post you wrote last either. So here’s a good way to get further exposure for your articles without having to deal with the search engine duplicate content issue.

Idea #2 – Create Easy eCourses

Build up your subscriber list when you offer visitors to your blog a free 5, 7, or 11 part eCourse for opting in. This course will be created by 5, or 7, or 11 of your favorite related articles on your blog. This is a tried and true marketing strategy for delivering valuable content to your readers while also exposing them to your marketing message repeated times.

This is also a great way to reframe your content and give it a higher perceived value. Additionally, it is also a fast way to create an irresistible  “free taste” of what your site has to offer.

Idea #3 – Build Book/Ebook Chapters With Your Articles

Are you still working on that book? Finally get that book done by creating chapters using several related articles from your blog.

If you are working on a shorter ebook project, you could even create the entire ebook using articles from your blog. I coach clients on how to do this all the time – with great results!

Idea #4 – Rewrite Articles For Guest Blogging

Let’s face it, you’ve probably already written some of your best work! It’s a shame to only publish it one place.

It’s a great idea to rewrite and submit your highest viewed or commented on blog articles, because you know they will probably get a great response on another related blog as well. Especially one with a larger reach than yours. Rewriting them is essential because most blogs that accept guest posts want 100% unique content AND you really don’t want your articles falling prey to the Google content filter.

Idea #5 – Turn Blog Articles Into Video Articles

If you want a nice surge of traffic to your site, it’s a good idea to start using video articles a.k.a. video marketing for your blog.

A quick and easy way to create video content for this purpose is to take existing articles and turn them into video articles by dividing your articles into chunks and placing them on powerpoint slides which you then can convert into a video.

Or you can record yourself speaking the article and use that video on top of a few visual representations (free images) of your article’s content to make the video.

Or you could record yourself doing an example of what you are explaining or describing in your article using a screencast.

All these should be pretty fast to create because you already have done the hard part and that’s create the substance of the video. When you’re done simply upload and promote these videos to high traffic video sites such as YouTube, YahooVideo, MySpaceTv, etc.

Image credit: Diane Gilleland

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