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How to build a High Quality Following on Twitter

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Twitter is considered to be the next big thing and in my opinion it is the next big thing, After all it has made a huge impact on the blog-o-sphere. Previously, bloggers connected through forums, websites etc, but it is rapidly shifting to twitter.

With its immense popularity among online users, twitter has become a really good tool for blog promotion. But the question arises, how can one make the most of this tool and drive maximum traffic to his website, i.e how can one get more retweets.

The answer to this problem is pretty simple – just build a quality following. Quality following includes twitter users which are very influential i.e. they get massive amount of retweets each day and they also try take part in conversations (via replies or DMs). The goal is to make these users your followers so that you get more retweets and build a good online presence.

The process of building a quality following consists of two parts –

1. Search for Influential Tweeple

In this part, you need to hunt for influential users on twitter. For a newbie, it is difficult to find influential users and he can use certain metrics to judge whether a tweep is influential or not.

Followers to Following Ratio

The oldest form of methodology. A tweep which has more than 1 followers to following ratio is considered to be a good tweep. Higher the ratio, more is the influence of the tweep. This is not a sureshot technique as a lot of twitter users unfollow tweeple to make this ratio high.

No of lists

Twitter had rolled out a feature to make twitter lists of favorite followers. Along with the followers and following count, a count of number of lists a tweep is listed is displayed. This is a very good metric. A quality tweep would have a higher count of lists he is listed in.


Klout is a website that tracks twitter analytics. It scores twitter users according to their influence. Higher score implies a more influential twitter user. These analytics are very good and authentic and probability of finding a good influential user through this technique is really high.


In Mrtweet twitter users can recommend tweeps they like. Tweeps that are getting a lot of recommendations have to be influential.

There are many more methods to find influential users, but these are some good ones that I could think of.

Services and other Apps

2. Building Relationships

Building a relationship among with influential tweeple is a must if you want to convert them into your loyal followers.

Converse a lot

It is just like starting a new relation, you need to interact with them first. Use @abc and start introducing yourself to others. Interacting a lot helps in showing that you are interested in what the other user is tweeting and secondly it shows that you are very active.

Thank Them

Nothing goes out of your stash if you say thank you. Thank you is a really good gesture and using it to thank people for retweeting improves your reputation.

Random Act of Kindness

This is a term coined in twitter itself and it basically means that you should give without asking, i.e you should mention and retweet users randomly. For example, you can mention your twitter followers on your blog posts. The advantage of this act is that the other person gets surprised and also starts respecting you. The next time, he will be happy to help you 🙂

Be Personal

Being personal to your twitter followers makes them feel more connected to you. Use your face as an avatar and don’t hide your details to your followers. Being transparent is like being honest to your followers and it is considered a very good quality.

These two golden rules, if followed, can make you a twitter rockstar. It doesn’t guarantee instant success, but it can guarantee success in the long run. The only qualities you need is patience, hard work and perseverance. The rest is just luck 🙂

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