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How Participating In Contests Can Help Your Blog Gain More Traffic

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Hmm….to tell you the truth, I haven’t won in many contests….maybe one time that I bought a raffle ticket and won a dinner at a restaurant one time.And it was a nice meal too, I might add.

But when bloggers create contests and they encourage people to write an article or post as an entry for the slight possibility of winning a contest, they do something more for the contest entrant.The entered post becomes very popular, and backlinks are gained back to the entrant’s site or blog,thereby creating traffic and higher page views.And if the contest is held at a very popular blog,all the better.

Get loads of comments

The entered posts gets loads of comments, and feedback on what the entrant has written. There is promotion all around, to the entrants included site link getting more clicks, and linkbacks from other people,thereby creating further popularity. And if the entrant does win from the contest, that is the icing on the cake as the article that is written will be referenced and seen by many.

Get link love

Then the entrant’s blog, that is entered as a link back in the article gets visited more frequently and the visitors read your blog entries and may come and visit more than once. So if you don’t win anything, consider what I have said, because unlike buying raffle tickets, lottery tickets and playing the gambling machines, there are benefits after the contest has finished. Or so that is the theory, isn’t it? if the popular blog holding the contest  has comment luv installed, the links entered into the comments form get link love and a do-follow backlink to their sites and  blogs. And so on and so forth.

Continuing benefits would last beyond the contest

There would be continuing benefits that would last beyond the contest. More traffic for everyone and it’s a win-win situation. More popularity and hey, someone might drop off a donation or ask you to do a guest post for another blogger or  to be a regular contributor at another well known, popular blog.

Have you ever participated in a blogging contest? PLZ, share your experience!

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