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10 Offline Ways To Gain Traffic and Higher Rankings

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For some marketers who find it virtually impossible to spend longer hours using online marketing tactics, you may want to try these 10 ideas instead:

Have some fun getting backlinks using offline SEO methods that help grow your network

1. Hand written letter to a mentor

Send a hand written letter to a mentor of yours, in this day and age hand written letters are considered personal and touch someone heart instantly, they will be sure to make this public on either their Youtube channel or website if you hit the right spot.

2. Promote your website on a t-shirt presented at a famous bloggers website

Send your website logo on a t-shirt to shoemoney.com so he can wear it on his blog and will post 2 links to your website free from his pr6 website.

3. Offer a Pre-launch to your friends

Call your network of friends who are bloggers or who are involved in Affiliate Marketing, offer a pre-launch and give them the opportunity to promote your own affiliate product by offering them a commission. This will go viral and you will quickly grow more backlinks and more traffic as a result of this.

4. Make a pitch to investors

If you are a confident entrepreneur apply to get on Dragons Den, make a pitch / present your website business even if you are not looking for investors, you will get your name out there and great exposure on TV. By having a global audience see you not only you in person, but your passion and website idea you have developed can attract like minded people to get in contact with you through your website for business partnerships and opportunities.

5. Guest speaking at an event or conference

Meet other people by network marketing in your niche either at an event or conference, if you get the opportunity be a guest speaker, if you make an impression other people will be a fan of yours and naturally link to you from their website or social networking sites.

6. Local news providers giving you editorial exposure

Call up the leading local newspapers and get them to write an editorial about you or your company, make sure that you have a unique story that will make it worthy of being published, if successful they will usually list you / your company and your website not only offline but online.

7. Having an SEO guide to keep beside you as reminders

Use a SEO check sheet something you can print and have sit beside your computer either on your desk or wall, this acts as a reminder and can guide you to apply better on-page optimisation techniques.

8. Radio or TV interviews

Get on radio or TV to be interviewed about you or your company, make sure you talk with some personality, make it a bit fun to attract more listeners, then be sure at the end of the interview listeners are aware of your website and can go there for more details.

9. Telesales who can convert sales for your product / website

Have your own telesales team which are willing to work with you for your website product. Work out with the telesales manager a coupon based system, so when the telesales make a sale, the client enters a specific code that they tell them on the website, this way you can monitor and make sure that the sales have come from them.

10. Getting new clients for website marketing services

It is now possible to get offline SEO clients to take on your website marketing services for potential customers who live in the dinosaur age and still don’t have a website or are not doing SEO. Although this is not really a way to gain traffic, you will win the hearts of clients and gain their trust leading them to use your services again and again.

I hope this post gives you some additional ideas and perhaps you could try to apply a few of these yourself, Let me know what you try and the results you get!

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