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What MOZ Say about Me and My Competitors?

If you are keeping an open eye on the SEO industry, then I am sure you know SEOMoz, I am also sure by now you know that SEOMoz became -only- MOZ. I am new to the MOZ world by the way (I like to call it that because it’s more than just a smart application) I used to think of it as the heaven of SEO, the best community for SEOs on the planet. When I login to my dashboard, it feels like I am in a ‘five star’ with full board,  I love to be in MOZ, and enjoy the the new MOZ Analytics beta.

I am writing this post so when I come back from the Future, it will remind me with the good old days.

Alright, let’s forget about the past and future for a minute, let’s think about now.

The Project WP Leaders

A few days ago, I launched my new project, the WP Leaders, which will be my second home -after the Famous Blog of course- and it’s gonna be a WordPress laser focused site,  mainly we will deal with -and review– as many Themes, Plugins, and even show you which Web Hosting company you should actually host your site with.

Probably, the best part of WP Leaders is using the power of user reviews, which is open for everyone to participate in, share their experience, and thought about free and premium products in the WordPress related markets. Hopefully this will benefit the community, and help everyone to get to know new released products, and to make better decisions when shopping for business.

From the other side -my side- this project should be profitable, so I am very serious about it. That’s why I asked MOZ to do some Competition and Marketing Analytics to help me out…

Hey MOZ, what you think about my competitors?

It took MOZ a whole week to figure it out, and came up with this:

WHAT?! Would you give me a closer look?

That’s a long way to go MOZ, I appreciate your awesome Marketing Analytics support though 🙂

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