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The WP Reviews Plugin is Available, Check it out!

Hey everyone, today I am launching the new WP Reviews plugin over at AuthorhReview.com to complete the reviews plugins package, now you can download all three plugins, and start kicking your product reviews.

But first, I would like to tell you about a few things, so please keep reading to get to know what’s in this offer for you.

Is WP Reviews plugin for me?

Let’s be honest!

Some people buy stuff that they don’t even need, don’t be one of them, I won’t be glad if I see you struggling with your business. I want you to succeed and reach your goals, simply because your success is my success, and if you reach your goals, I’ve reached mine!

So, I want to make sure you understand what exactly my plugins can do for you, and how you can benefit from it, at least I will save you some time and pain looking allover the internet trying desperately to find a solution that fits your website needs.

If you are using WordPress platform, doing online marketing, promoting products via affiliate networks, want to profit from this business, and you actually write great reviews, then these plugins is for you, and you actually should give it a go.

What You will get?

The AuthorhReview membership includes three awesome plugins that will allow you to rock your reviews, no matter your site size is, :

  1. Author hReview (author/editor reviews)
  2. WP Reviews (author/visitor reviews) *New
  3. Customer Testimonials (bonus plugin)

Allow me to take a minute to explain to you what exactly these plugins can do for you.

1) Author hReview

The Author hReview plugin was my first creation, it was coded especially for blog authors (users or visitors wasn’t part of the plan at that time). This plugin has a free light version that was downloaded more than 20,000 times from the WordPress repository. A few months after the free version was released, I decided to create a Pro version with more features and control over reviews. That was the Author hReview Pro.

2) WP Reviews

One year passed after releasing the Author hReview Pro, many people asked me why not adding user reviews and rating functionality to the plugin, I was against the idea at the beginning, I just didn’t want to involve myself with the big monster… Google! But, well… What to do, I am so week, and I can’t resist a good challenge 🙂

And… Boom.. The WP Reviews plugin is ready!

You can see a live demo at my new project WPLeaders.com

3) Customer Testimonials

This plugin has a funny story, a client contacted me and asked if I can show rating stars on his site on the root domain name, he wasn’t using WordPress though, just an HTML site. After we discussed he didn’t agree on my price for the job. I got inspired some how and decided to create a plugin to do this specific task, and do it good. Then, release it for FREE  to my members as a bonus when they purchase an AuthorhReview.com membership.

I am using the Customer Testimonials plugin on ThesisAwesome.com and AuthorhReiew.com itself to get testimonials and display them on the site. This little crazy plugin can do calculations and inject Rich Snippets for reviews to any WordPress site, you get results link this:

Want to see it live? Just Google “Author hReview” and see by yourself!

I added this plugin to the package, so today I’ve got three awesome plugin to cover your reviews requirements, and make it more awesome and appealing.

Special Launch Discount

I have already 30% discount on site for everyone who purchase the membership (not sure how I forgot to remove it, it has been there all year :)) Just kidding!

I’ve decided to add an extra 20% off to everyone who join the membership before the 10th of June 2013, so this is a total of 50% off the original price!

Get an extra 20% off

Use code “WPR20

Download WP Reviews NOW »

This discount code is good till the 10th of June, 2013.

*Launch last till the 10th of June.

This has never happened before. So, get your copy now!

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