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Why Are You Struggling to Make Money Online with Facebook?

No excuses. If you are struggling to make money with Facebook you refuse to do a few key things on a daily basis. The whole science of money making using social media sites is simple. Really. Why do few make a dime online, then?

Well they ignore simple, so simple becomes difficult. Or, they figure that simple looks way too easy, so they develop more complicated systems, which of course, lead to failure. Sorry dude, or dudette, you are not that sophisticated, to follow a complex system, and make money with it. It is just plain dumb, anyway.

What is at the core of seeking out complex, or complicated, when it comes to making money on Facebook?

Greed. You are greedy, so you want to make money online now, and you lack patience, and you are desperate.

If you know anything about prospering, you need to set up a fair exchange. Like, you make money on Facebook by sharing something valuable with your Facebook buddies. Share helpful blog posts, or videos, or webinars, all for free.

Now, after you share this value each day, over the course of weeks, and months, you will begin to RECEIVE value, in the form of money.

Why Do So Many Struggle to Make Money Online with FB?

Well they refuse to GIVE value so they do not GET value. Remember, greed drives many people in the online realm.

Greedy people try to get before they give, using silly systems, or posting ads all day long, ads that do not provide any form of value to their readers. Now, you might wonder, how can you give value, by writing blog posts daily, and shooting videos, and doing all these things?

By busting you’re a**. You work, intelligently, and persistently, and you give value, by writing blog posts each day, and by sharing these on your Facebook profile each day, and across 20, 50 or 1000 relevant Facebook Groups each day, and you will get clicks on your ads. People will join your home business. Promise.

But busting your tail makes it all happen. Smart, intelligent work, not mindless acts, like posting the same ad to 100 Facebook Groups daily, brings you money.

The Most Fitting Analogy

You open a corner store. If you want to make money what do you do? Well you work 8, 12 or 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. You stock your shelves. You are patient. You make your store front enticing. You maintain a clean shop. As word spreads around about your shop, through your efforts, people walk in the door, buy your products and you make money.

OK, you open a cyber store…aka, start a home business. If you want to make money online what do you do? Well, you work 8, 12 or 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. You stock your cyber-shelves with valuable blog posts and videos, creating content daily.

You then share this content on relevant Facebook Groups daily.

You are patient. You make your website or blog enticing. You maintain a clear, clean-looking and clutter free website and blog. As word spreads around about your shop, through your content creation efforts, people visit your blog and website, buy your products or join your team, and you make money with Facebook.

Dwell on This Analogy

It will change your home business for good, and it will make you take a high energy approach to your Facebook efforts, if you are willing to embrace it. Treat your home business like an offline business. Create helpful, relevant content. Share on relevant Facebook Groups, and your profile.

Use this approach to start making money online with Facebook today.

Are you struggling to make money on Facebook?

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