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Facebook Marketing for Smart People

Facebook Marketing
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If you are into Facebook Marketing, then check out the new Facebook Marketing for Smart People eBook and guide by Faissal Alhaithami. This is a 139 Pages that covers all topics you need to know to get your Facebook Marketing Campaign ready and successfully increase your Sales, Traffic, Leads and Engagements.

I knew Faissal -the author- for more than a year now, and I was watching him and the way he do business closely. I actually got a chance to meet with him personally in Cairo a couple of weeks ago during my visit to Egypt. Faissal is a great young man and he is full of passion about what he do.

Oh, and by the way, he writes here on the blog from time to time, check out Faissal’s posts.

Using Facebook for Marketing

This awesome Facebook Marketing giued deal with many situations and answers a lot of questions that may pop into your mind while marketing on Facebook:

Faissal is sharing complete answers to those questions in his guide. You will enjoy the read!

What’s in the Facebook Marketing for Smart People

  1. Develop A Facebook Strategy and create a plan
  2. Setting And Customizing Your Timeline Page
  3. Free Ways To Generate Fans
  4. Facebook Edge Rank Formula
  5. Engage And Interact With Your Fans
  6. Hosting A Facebook Contests
  7. Facebook Page Insights Tool
  8. Facebook Events
  9. Increase Sales And Make Money Through Your Page
  10. Facebook Marketplace
  11. Facebook Places For Local Businesses
  12. Facebook Advertising System
  13. 25 Social Media Tips From 25 Creative Minds
  14. After reading all the smarts above you may ask, What is next?

Now that you know!

Check out the Facebook Marketing for Smart People, a 139 Pages that cover all topics you need to know to get Your Facebook Marketing Campaign Ready and Successfully Increase Your Sales, Traffic, Leads and Engagements.

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