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The Mindset Of A Successful Blogger: Do You Have It?

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I haven’t researched on any statistics here lately but from what I have seen and experienced, the biggest challenge we bloggers face today is to keep a healthy balance between blogging, work and family time.

If you work full time besides what you do online or go to school, have family responsibilities; the time and financial pressures are always there. I know your life may be real hectic with you constantly trying to juggle your available time between blogging, work, school, family time and numerous problems that pop up out of the blue. Oftentimes, you religiously try to stick to the schedule that you created but really have a hard time following it. Does this ring a bell to you?

Well to tell you the truth, it is not only me or you that have problems. Everyone has them and these problems we face daily can really mess up our attitude especially when it comes down to blogging. To counter attack these teething troubles that can lead to a blogging disaster, you need to harbor the right mindset; not just any kind of mindset but the mindset of a successful blogger.

You might disagree with me here but in my opinion no one is gifted with the right kind of mindset. Anyone; regardless of who you are and where you are from, can gain this mindset if you are smart enough!

What is this right kind of mindset all about?

Having the right mindset is the key piece of the success puzzle and if you don’t generate it, failure is inevitable. The right mindset is not some blueprint that is going to pop out of somewhere; if that is what you are thinking. It is something that you really feel and understand deep within you. It is your inner attitude – the way you perceive things. Some people may grasp this concept instantly; some may take time to be aware of it, whereas some may never get it. By the way; just knowing the concept is not good enough. You have to take action to employ this in your everyday life in order to make things happen.

We are bloggers. The mindset to create contents, products and provide services that capture audience better than our competition is what we need to strive for. Besides, building a successful business from scratch requires the right mindset no matter what kind of business it is.

So, what are the pieces of the success puzzle?

Time is money

This is an old cliché that you probably already know but to what extent do you really apply it in your daily life? There are only 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 52 weeks a year. You have to work, sleep, relax, spend time with family and do all the other things you need to or like to do in that time frame. Time is the only thing that is truly scarce. It is the most precious resource. Hence, you need to have a mindset to be stingy with it!

The moment you realize and understand deep inside that your time is too short to be messing around and doing things that are giving you no benefits; you get one step closer to understanding and developing the successful mindset.

Believe in yourself

The number one reason why people fail to live up to their potential is that because they don’t believe in themselves. Now, this holds true not just in blogging but in everything else. You see, in a year time maybe you could be making full time income from various sources online but if you don’t believe in yourself that you can do it then for sure, you are never going to make it.

It just so happens that people only believe in those who believe in themselves. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. So, start believing in yourself for a change!

Constantly take action

It is easy to dream big but if we don’t take consistent action to turn them dreams into reality; everything is just going to stay as a mere dream. We all can have what we desire in life or have the excuses for not working towards what we want. Which one do you want?

Everything starts from taking action. But to turn your dreams into reality you need to take consistent action. Using your small progresses as stepping stones, you can shift the power inside your head to take more effective actions that are going to bring in the results.

Don’t give up! Period

Failure is inescapable. Even the most successful people fail time and time again. However, don’t let failure stop you from pursuing your dreams. The biggest mistake would be to totally give up after failing. Instead use them as your motivation to success.

Moments of failures are the instants where you have to look at your own goals, vision and understand deep in your mind why you are doing all this; whatever motivation you may have – money, fame and so forth.. Sometimes you might hit a roadblock or run out of ideas or whatever. This is where your mindset really comes to play. Your mindset to keep on going no matter the obstructions, in fact, is the key to your success.

Be passionate about what you do

I know you have heard a lot about how being passionate about what you do is going to help you become successful. Yup! You could not have missed it since everyone talks about it. If you think about it, this is very true or else why would everyone talk about it! Right?

Having a passion in what you blog about plays a huge role on getting into the groove of the success mindset. Once you start generating passion, you are going to be addicted (O: It becomes dear to you and you are going to work harder to make things happen.

Funny thing about passion is that it is not a trait that you were born with. You can generate passion on anything if you are willing to take constant action in doing it and enjoy seeing the results of your hard work.

Focus on one thing at a time

Sometimes, when you think you finally got it, you might feel overwhelmed by all the things you need to do. Downsizing all the tasks, figuring out which one is most important that particular instant and focusing on just that task is the best way to deal with being overwhelmed.

Focus on one thing at a time and take action. This not only helps to get things done right now but also to change your mind set about overall success. It helps to understand that success is a process and you need continuous focus in order to be successful.

Stick to your routine like your life depends on it

Now the only way you are going to make it big is by taking consistent action towards a common goal – being successful. Be persistent and do whatever it takes. Create a routine that best suits you and stick to it like your life depends on it.

There are times where I totally do not want to follow my schedule and do what I need to do because I am either too tired or overwhelmed or simply because I want to spend quality time with my family. These are the times when I believe in myself that I have to do it which invigorates me to really get my ass into it.

In conclusion;

Your mindset is what lets you stay focused, be committed and take action consistently. This is what lets you stop wasting your time on unproductive things and be proactive on working towards your goals and dreams. This gives rise to the productive habits on a daily basis.

So, if you think about it; success is all about the mindset; the mindset of believing in you and do whatever it takes to succeed, no matter what.

What do you say?

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Here’s to your successful blogging endeavor!

-Adam Paudyal.

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