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Tia Peterson is one of the social media and blogging brave hearts. I say this because she is a very inspiring person to people who are in her circle, and I’ve decided today to free myself and write something about the big move she took recently on her blog. She succeeded in taking BizChickBlogs.com to another level and proved to everyone that she is a hard worker.

Tia made the move from a single blogger platform to a multi-author blog, and that is not all – she also moved from the Thesis to Genesis framework after doing a lot of research. I personally still admire Thesis Theme as a very big part of online business based on it’s framework, but Tia found out that Genesis is going to be a better platform for her blog.

From Single Blogger to Multi-Author Blog

Moving from a single blogger platform to a multi-author blog is not an easy job. You need to start with a good plan and enough time to make this achievement. Tia wrote her thoughts and provided some really good points about how to gracefully change directions with your blog:

“To me, the really big change I see is having a blogging team. I believe in working together as the most powerful way to reach your goals faster and more efficiently! Bloggers must work together and create a powerful spot on the internet so they can all benefit from it.

This is exactly the same idea of building FamousBloggers, a strong blog that can give you a hand when you need it. Therefore we must keep it a safe place for everybody.

Hard work, big move, and it’s really worth it. I love team work, and BizChickBlogs.com has a great blogging team and editors. I feel that I must to share their profiles with you here today.

Tia Peterson – Founder and Editor-in-Chief. Twitter: @bizchickblogs


Marlee Ward – Business Editor. Twitter: @MARLdblE


Libby Fisher – Technology Editor. Twitter: @thelibzter


Evelyn Parham – Health Editor. Twitter: @evelyn_parham


Christina Linnell – Relationships and Family Editor. Twitter: @closetwriter


I really recommend you connect with them!”

From Thesis to Genesis

I’ve been connecting with Tia earlier before she made the move from the Thesis to Genesis framework. My discussions with her brought a lot of ideas for my online business, especially ideas for ThesisAwesome.com and what I should actually do towards having better Thesis Skins and a better business as a result.

And, to be honest, I see clearly what makes the Genesis Framework more flexible. It’s child themes and plugins are the key! I decided to work harder on adding value to Thesis Skins I am making to take it to another level of customization.

I’ve designed BlogSkin for Thesis and included all possible Multi-Author features so bloggers can depend on it to create their own customizations without having to do bloody coding work. Of course, I would prefer if someone could actually do it themselves, as it’s a way of achieving uniqueness.

Whether you are using Genesis or Thesis frameworks or any other awesome WordPress theme, you will discover it really depends on the person who manages the blog, the team behind it, and the community who participates in it. It depends on how those people work together and how much they give to the community!

If you have some difficulties in getting more guest bloggers, you need some design tips on how to prepare your blog for guest posting,  or you would like to know what exactly we’ve done on FamousBloggers to make it awesome and popular among guest bloggers, here is a nice post recommended for you. I wrote it some time ago and added all what I think is important to create an awesome guest blogging planet: Why Guest Blogging is not working for my Awesome Blog?!

Don’t forget!

Connect with Tia. She is cool blogger, a person who cares and  is ready to help others at any time. Make sure to follow the awesome blogging team at BizChickBlogs.com. There is a lot that you can learn from them as well as from the way they blog and the way they manage the blog.

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