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Marketing Tips For Capturing & keeping Potential Clients

Freelance marketing tips

Let’s face it, it’s hard out here for even the savvy freelance writer/blogger. With the downslide and economic turn of today’s economy comes closings, layoffs, and downsizing of prominent newspapers and print magazines. Needless to say, these unfortunate occurrences, as sad & devastating as they are, have inadvertently placed unforeseen pressure on the business of freelance writing.

The competition in an already competitive field have just widen in regards to how the writer competes for and capture the attention of reputable, paying markets. The influx of newspaper journalists and magazine writers/editors vying  possibly for gigs in the same genre or market becomes daunting, at best.

You’re too new for this?!

However, this idea that perhaps the competition is heating up shouldn’t cause you to fear and doubt your individual business aplomb, unique product brand, or, what you can do for the client that topples the competition. I found myself in a similar quandary recently when faced with a great magazine opportunity posted online. Knowing that this job was too incredible to pass based upon my fear of competition, I refused to give in to the first negative to cross my  mind, “You’re too new for this.”

I’ll tell you later how that situation turned out. What I want to stress right now, is this: Don’t give up your dream in the face of fear. Set your sights to seemingly impossible, unobtainable goals & set off to conquer them, one step at a time. Only give up when you’ve exhausted every possible avenue to getting the job/client of your dreams. A couple other tips to take into consideration when client trolling?

Client trolling tips

  1. Clients are people who have most likely heard it all-don’t try to impress them with who you are, instead; show them what your particular product can do for them.
  2. Be excited about what you have to offer! Don’t pretend enthusiam where none exists.
  3. Respond to questions promptly & with confidence.
  4. Don’t balk at what seems to be an impossible task. ..be open to an editor’s consideration of your capability.
  5. Impart trust and dependability

Only three years into freelance writing/blogging, I took a bold leap of faith several months ago  and sent a query to  a reputable magazine looking to add columnists. I knew the subject matter, but feared I wouldn’t come across as polished as some of the more seasoned writers. The response from the editor was amicable and questioning. “could I write a feature for their summer issue?”

I said yes! And I did with the help of the editor providing interview subjects… I also got the gig. I’m an advice columnist for a nurse magazine. My tips for going to market with potential clients actually worked for me… try them, they might work for your future writing endeavors as well.  When I signed up for famous bloggers at www.famousblogger.net I wasn’t sure I’d even hear back from them. I was wrong. The response was prompt and personable… happy blogger I am.

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