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EasyAzon WordPress Plugin

Many bloggers and internet marketers have been working so hard to drive traffic to their blogs and websites, some are making money, and some others are still struggling on converting this traffic to sales and real cash money with no luck. If you are one of them, don’t worry! Good things happen, there is another side of this story! There are people who produce cool stuff to help you make money and join the winners fast and easy.

I know that making money online is not easy, but there are thing that makes it more easy!

Make money on Amazon

If you are trying to make money on Amazon, you might want to check out the EasyAzon plugin, it’s incredible easy to setup and manage like any other WordPress plugin, this means you will save a lot of time, all what you have to do to turn your blog into a money making machine is to write good content and insert your Amazon affiliate links with ease and in no time with this amazing Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin.

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What EasyAzon plugin dose?

EasyAzon makes it easy to add high conversion amazon affiliate links to your blog in seconds, this should be easy:

1- Text Links

EasyAzon will help you on creating a simple text affiliate link, this is one of the most powerful methods of earning money with Amazon’s affiliate program. EasyAzon makes it easy for you to quickly add these high conversion text affiliate links without ever leaving your WordPress dashboard.

2. Product Image Links

Using product images as affiliate links is another very effective method of monetizing your blog with Amazon’s affiliate program. Web visitors love to click images and EasyAzon make it easy for you to add images of products that double as affiliate links.

3. Product Info Blocks

EasyAzon also makes it easy for you to add a high conversion product info block. This product info block includes a picture of the product, pricing information, link to review information and a call to action order button. This is a great way to display more information about a product while at the same time inserting more affiliate links.

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Are you wasting web traffic?

I am 100% sure that you are getting traffic from other countries, for example you could have 20% of your traffic coming from countries like Canada, UK, or Germany. This traffic is hard to convert if you are living in the States for example, but guess what? EasyAzon plugin will allow you to automatically display Location Specific Affiliate Links from Amazon.

For example: A visitor from the United States who looks at your blog will see Amazon.com affiliate links. A visitor from the United Kingdom that looks at the same blog will see Amazon.co.uk affiliate links for most products.

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If you don’t have an Amazon account, go a head and create one now!

To your success!

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