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5 Awesome Ways To Drive Loyal Traffic To Your Blog

The Blogosphere is getting bigger and the competition is getting tighter. Every blogger aims for mostly two things. Traffic and Popularity. But not just bulk traffic, you need loyal and converting readers.

#1; Write Killer Blog Posts

You might be wondering, how on earth could we gain traffic by publishing a powerful article. But actually you can. Killer blog posts are those which get shared or force your readers to share.

Try to win the heart of your reader and the content will be automatically promoted. Include some humor, personal experience and ask questions of them. You won’t regret it. Mark my words! 😉

#2; Don’t forget your Social Surroundings

Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are being used by millions at a time so why not make use of some percent of them? Don’t forget to have a Fan page for your blog, your personal Twitter account and Google Communities and publisher page.

#3; Build up a Strong Online Presence

This is one of the best strategies every professional blogger who touched the fame line uses. Wait a sec, can I ask you something? If you see me all over the internet, on discussions, as writer, featured, you will probably try to dive into my online profiles. Right?

So try to be everywhere.

#4; Give them a chance to share

What if you have awesome content which your readers want to share but there is no way he can? That’s what I call an epic fail. Make sure you have got sharing facilities on your blog.

Implement floating social buttons or sharing buttons at the bottom of the post. You don’t want to miss a chance of getting shared. Right?

#5; Optimize your Content for Search Engines

Before proceeding, let me tell you one thing. You always gotta keep your readers first on the list and put the door of organic traffic after that. It’s humans who will be reading your blog posts, not just some bots. So make sure you are writing for your readers. Balance the optimization ration  65% : 35% as writing quality : SEO.

Half an hour of keyword research will be worth it before starting to write a blog post.

Let me ask you something. Consider you need to download songs which have good quality from the movie Titanic. What would you search for?

  1. Titanic Songs.
  2. Download High Quality Songs from Titanic.

Probably the second one. Right? Now that’s a long tail keyword. It’s something people usually search for. When you are writing a new post, think from the view of a user who is in need of relevant content and come up with some effective long tails. Include them in your content and try to avoid repetition of the same long tailing phrases.

 Over to You!

Howdy Blogger. I hope you felt it was worth reading what I have written. Hey! Where do you think you are going? Wait a sec and tell me your opinion about the post and don’t forget to share if you have got some extra traffic building strategies.

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