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iPad Interaction Soars after Christmas

iPad Interaction

It seems that if there was one wish atop most people’s Christmas list this season, it was definitely to get the iPad. Scores of data has been released over the past month indicating that sales for this innovative mobile device during the 2010 holiday season trumped all other gadgets, technology and everything else for that matter. So now that everyone is sitting snuggly at home sipping their hot cocoa while embracing their new iPads, what are they actually doing with them? Are most new iPad owners just “app happy” or are they actually using this device to surf the web and engage commercially?

Infolinks compiled data from their network of over 50K websites for the two months prior to Christmas (December 25th) and compared it to the findings from two weeks immediately after Christmas Day.  They analyzed the following data:

  1. The volume of traffic to websites originating from iPads versus other net devices (such as desktops and laptops).
  2. The volume of engagement with In-Text advertisements originating from iPads.


As expected, there was a huge increase in traffic originating from iPads starting on December 25th, 2010.  Interestingly enough, when comparing these results to the rest of Infolinks’ network of websites – we see a stark contrast. Traffic on every other medium plummeted on Christmas Day.  Most people were unplugged and enjoying holiday festivities – but not iPad users. After unwrapping these shiny, flat-screened gifts, most people plugged them right in and began surfing – not just playing Angry Birds.

We also see that after this spike there is a brief lull in use the week after Christmas. After the New Year’s fun wore off on January 2, 2011, there is another significant increase in traffic originating from the iPad.  Although it is still a bit too soon to conclude that this iPad use is the norm, for now it is increasing at a steady yet moderate rate.

Now, let’s take this study a bit further. Not only to investigate the volume of traffic, but also the level of engagement with online advertisements from iPads. The graph above shows a sure spike in the level of commercial engagement originating from iPads on Christmas Day. Rather than the iPad being just a tool for browsing and surfing, proud iPad owners are clicking on advertisements at a rate comparable to other net devices.

So from this, we can conclude that:

a) People received a monumental amount of iPads for the 2010 holiday season.
b) These devices were utilized to surf the internet and not just interact with applications.
c) iPad users interact with sites commercially, and this engagement has increased.

From its inception, the “buzz” surrounding the iPad has been overwhelming and impossible to ignore. Whatever your opinion on this mobile device, these results cannot be disputed. Knowing that iPad owners are engaging commercially gives an understanding that can harness be harnessed to better focus efforts on this groundbreaking gadget.  The iPad is allowing a whole new level of convenience to the mobile surfer and this means higher revenue reach for publishers and advertisers.  Tis the season to make bank, next year address your Christmas cards to Steve Jobs.

Infolinks Inc., established in 2007, is a leading provider of In-Text advertising services. Infolinks provides publishers worldwide with an innovative way to monetize their websites. With over 30K publishers and billions of impressions, Infolinks has the scoop on the latest trends in the online world.  For more professional insights about online advertising information visit: Metrics InfoLinks

The iPad probably is one of the best Christmas gifts for your boyfriend or girlfriend, but it will cost you a pretty penny.

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