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How to Instantly Increase Your Online Sales

Increase Your Online Sales

If you are selling anything online, it’s always going to come down to one thing: your sales copy. Once you improve your copy, your sales will increase. You may find it interesting to know that there are three main areas in your sales copy that are “in charge” of enticing your customer. When those are done right, you will see an instant improvement. On the other hand, if those elements are not carefully crafted, you may end up struggling to make a single sale.

Read on to discover how to instantly improve your results. Let’s start with…

… the “Hypnotizer”

What I’m talking about here is your headline. A weak headline will cause your reader to click away immediately. When your headline is strong, you can be sure the rest of the copy will at least be glanced through.

The best way to write your headline is to make a big promise. What’s the result that your product/service offers? You need to get as specific as you can.

Don’t just say “We offer the best SEO in [insert city].”

Instead say something like “57 businesses in this town saw a 317% increase in profit thanks to our strategy.

One way to find out if your headline is working is to look at your analytics stats. If your visitors stay less than 5 seconds on your sales page, the headline may just be the culprit.

Here is the bit that reinforces everything you say in your headline…

“If they want it, I want it too”

No solid copy can survive without proof. People want to know that your stuff really works. The key to that is your testimonials. Right after your headline (and sub-headlines if any), you need to start presenting proof. In fact, there are certain products that you can only sell if other people vouch for you. It’s that important!

Getting testimonials is an art form in itself. It’s not enough for people to say “Hey, this stuff really helped me, it’s great!” That doesn’t really convince anybody!

A good testimonial tells a story of how your product turned a bad situation around. Again, when you have specifics you increase your credibility.

Statements such as “Joe created a profitable website for us in less than a month” will always make you more money than “Joe works really fast and we like what he did for us.”

So, once people believe your testimonials they want to get to…

“The Cookie Jar”

Mmm… Tasty! It better be. People will look at what you offer. More importantly they will look at these three things:

“Here is a bonus for you, darling!”

You should always add a bonus. The key to a good bonus is that it should be worth as much or even more than the actual product you are selling. If you want to sell more of your product, spend sometime finding or creating a bonus that goes with it.

Make sure it’s something that your customers want really, really bad. You see, a lot of folks buy a product just because they want the bonus. It’s an old copywriting trick that works every time.

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