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How To Make Money Online by Posting Reviews

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Bloggers Who Struggle To Make Money Online Fail To Know One Thing

Almost every blogger who strives to earn a living from blogging struggles in one way or form to make money online. It is my pleasure to open some minds and give you the exact secrets on how bloggers make money, and I am not talking about just banners, I am talking about real proven techniques! So make sure your sitting on your chair tightly so you don’t fall off, because what I am about to tell you will change your life!

The Real Truth on How to Make Money through Blogging

Well everyone keeps on asking, how do I make money blogging, I am still not making money, so here is the answer! Start buying some popular products either virtual products through Clickbank or Physical products through Amazon and after you try them, do a blog review post about it. You will normally find you not only make your money back but profit as well.

This Does Not Mean You Have To Become a Review Site

To review products as a blogger is a very healthy thing to do as it shows others that there are tools that can help them succeed and by reviewing tools, programs and whatever else is related to your blogs niche gives better insight to your readers. Now of course I don’t recommend you post every day about products, I would like to suggest 1 out of 4-5 posts you can review something. This allows you to not only get yourself familiar with what is out there, but also learn and grow as a business person too, not just a blogger, it now becomes a blogging business.

You can even make money by posting interviews on your site about others and the products of the people you are interviewing may own and discreetly have your affiliate link there, this is one of the greatest examples how Michael Dunlop from IncomeDiary makes money!

Sign Up With Some Good Affiliate Networks

To start off with I recommend you use Clickbank to review ebooks, membership sites, video tutorials or software and Amazon to review real products like technology equipment, books, cd’s, and much more. By signing up with affiliate networks, you can obtain affiliate links not just banners, and with those links make them active on certain keywords in your blog post. Then of course you can get commissions for whoever clicks on your affiliate links to buy a product that you have mentioned on your review pages.

Doing Your Keyword Research For Your Blog Post Titles

Making sure your keywords for your headline are low competition and have a healthy overall search volume for the month and are trending upwards over time are the first key elements any blogger should concentrate on before posting about a product they want to make money on. Unfortunately it takes a lot of time researching keywords typically in a few windows before posting a profitable headline, so to save time and effort I highly recommend you use a SEO WordPress Plugin called Keyword Winner. It will give you stats all at your fingertips just as you are writing your headline, you click “get suggestions” and whala!

Why The Keyword Research Is Important?

When a buyer is hot, they are using search engines to find products and people typically type in the search term of a product in Google before seeing whats available or sometimes they already know what they want so the next main step before any buyer making a purchase is to type the word “review” at the end of it. By adding the word review at the end of the keywords allows them to see what others are saying about the product either good or bad before buying, they can read the actual post of a product that someone has already reviewed or others have commented on.

Proof Is In the Pudding

This is why you see a lot of bloggers out there who are researching keywords for their headlines before writing an actual blog post, because if you want to attract real buyers you must use keywords in your headline of your post which not only grabs the buyers attention but most importantly contains the keywords that he buyer will find you on when they are searching in Google.

I know this for a fact as I have made good money from my blog and enough to earn a good living, my best converted pages on sales are about reviews and indirect marketing approaches using keyword research.

You will notice other bloggers like John Chow who is one of the top pro bloggers in the world that every post he makes normally each headline is not only optimised but also aimed in some way or the other to attract buyers. He is a great example of this as he clearly states that he makes $40k per month blogging, and believe me folks this is no joke.

One big example is I recently did a product launch on my keyword research plugin for bloggers – Keyword Winner and when John Chow got his hands on it, he could not stop using it, and then he referred others to use it and made money that way. So when you are passionate about a product and review it, you can sell a lot more, as readers can smell this from a mile away, so the trick is to be fully passionate about a product first before you review it.

Final Say

If you are not making money after you have read this post, then you have not used tools such as Keyword Winner and you are still doing things the hard way. Take action today invest in buying tools, programs or products that you can also later review about, it’s a win win, you can not lose, believe me, take this advice from me and take action today!

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