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Focus on Diversity on your Blog

Diversity In Blogging

Over the years as a blogger, I have realized that diversity in your blog keeps it vibrant – both for you as a blogger and for your readers. In this blog, I will describe the many dimensions of diversity which is critical for any blog, blogger and reader.

Whatever the area or niche of your blog, your current level of blogging success and the current stage in your life cycle as a blogger; periodic focus on diversity will be critical for long term blogging survival, sustenance and success…

And what exactly do I mean by diversity… Well, the list is below:

Diversity in the Blog Titles

One of the primary reasons for any reader to read your blog is because they find the blog titles Interesting, Intriguing or Inviting – The 3I Mantra as I call it. Focus on diversity in your Blog Titles – This will enable you to churn out diverse content and also enable your readers to have a holistic view on any topic.

Diversity in Length

Let some blogs be short, some of medium length and few long ones. Most readers tend to enjoy blogs which are of short – medium length. Too lengthy blogs usually tend to lose an average reader mid-way.

Diversity in Depth

Not all readers are really interested in great depth of every subject that you blog about. So it is fine to have some blogs which are really detailed and profound; and some which are brief and even some-what superficial.

Diversity in Genres

Let some posts be facts, some observations, some fiction (Be sure to highlight this) , some humor, some wit, some opinions, some judgments, some your voice, some others voices, some a compilation of data / links / viewpoints / any other valuable information, some about people, some about you, some about your personal experiences, some about your thoughts, some about your life lessons.

Diversity in Literary Style

Try prose, poetry, a combination of prose and poetry or any other style that appeals to you.

This is important to you as a blogger as it will hone your literary skills and also improves readability of your blog content. To a reader, this diversity is usually an enjoyable experience.

Diversity in Questions Answered

Ensure that you answer the basic questions on your blog – What? Why? How? When? Where? With Whom? – For any topic / sub-topic that you chose, if you focus on answering these questions in one / more blog posts – you will end up enriching and affirming your own knowledge and that of your readers.

Diversity in the Emotions You Elicit

Consciously focus on the emotions that you elicit in your readers through your blogs – Let some make them happy,  some surprised, some optimistic, some in awe, some sad, some angry, some disappointed…. – Being able to elicit a diverse range of human emotions requires creativity, skill and deep-thought (And if you can achieve this, that is the best testimonial to your blogging abilities); and being able to experience a range of human emotions is a necessity for any individual.

Diversity in the Messaging

Let some be positive, some neutral and some negative. This will leave you and your readers with a different take-away.

Diversity in Imagination

Let some blogs focus on triggering imagination – Both yours and the readers. Imagination is a very important catalyst in the journey of life.

Diversity in the Time Horizon In View

Let some posts be about the past – yesterday OR eons back, some about today, some about the future – tomorrow OR several decades from now. Almost like a time machine when you are able to transport your readers in different spaces of time.

Diversity in the Perspectives

Take a different perspective for one / many subject – From a high level macro perspective to a deep low level micro perspective and all those in between.

Ending Words of Wisdom:

On that note, Happy New Year 2012! Happy Blogging!!!

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