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Finding the Best Web Hosting Solution

VPS or Shared Hosting

Finding the best web hosting solution for our blog was our concern during the last a few days. We are officially running FB on one of HostGator servers as a result of several down times at BlueHost.
so.. If you’ve experienced down times during the last couple of weeks, we would like you to know that we are now back to business.

Most of our blog readers knows that we publish a new blog post everyday, some times more than one update on the same day. Hosting problems kept us from updating the blog in the last two days, as I wasn’t so sure how and where exactly I will be hosting FamousBloggers.net, oh! and I also got some nice hosting discount from my friend Harsh over WPHostingDiscount.com.

I apologize for being late on publishing your guest posts last week, I was having some hard times, it sounds crazy, but I’ve moved the blog and tested it live on two different hosting services that I own, all this happen during the last three days, and still not fully satisfied with results, especially page load speed.

Do we need a VPS hosting?

I ask this question to myself while trying to find the best web hosting solution, thinking of the future and what we will need as our blog is growing, I also put in mind my other projects and sites that has been running on the same shared hosting service.

Shared hosting could be a cheap solution, this is why it’s a good start, it also still working for us, but what if we have a problem with server at anytime?

I really don’t want this to stop us from running, also the requirements of the blog is increasing everyday, more guest bloggers are depending on us by giving their best content to be published here, we really won’t disappoint anyone.

While trying to find the best web hosting solution, I can say “nothing is perfect”, even following high ratings hosting services doesn’t mean 100% guarantee. I am experiencing slow load, some database connection errors, and I don’t know what other problems or errors that our readers might get while visiting the blog (most of these problem is solved after moving to HostGator)

I am considering a VPS hosting, I am doing some tests right now and preparing the next move in case we need it.

I hope to hear some opinions and feedback, this will really help!

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