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6 Tell Tale Signs of a Copy Cat Blogger

Copy Cat Blogger

There are many tell tale signs of a copy cat blogger and it is sad that these copycats presume that their website visitors will not notice what they are doing. When I visit a copycat blogger’s site it screams at me.

Many new bloggers start out as a copycat blogger but the ones that become successful end up developing their own blogging personality and move onto their own path. If you are a copycat blogger I sincerely hope that you find your own way soon and avoid having a blog that sucks!

6 Tell Tale Signs of a Copycat Blogger

It is not a crime to be a copycat blogger because this is how most of us learn how to build a blogging business. However when you continue to copy other people and neglect to develop your own blog as a unique business, you will most likely end up going back to your day job.

#1. You take other people’s ideas

You will gladly take other people’s ideas and treat it as your own, not giving any credit to the original idea maker. Of course we know that a great idea is made up of many ideas; but to take the main idea after it is developed, and claim it as your own, is just wrong in anyone’s book.

Giving credit to original idea maker’s can build friendships with other bloggers as they will appreciate that you notice and value their idea.

#2. Posts lack personality

You can’t show your personality in your articles and posts because you don’t have one. Your heart is not in this niche and you really do not share a passion for the topic. You find it hard to even write an article, let alone add any of your own personal thoughts to it.

The only way to success is to do what your heart desires, not what someone else’s heart desires.

#3. You have no proof

If you are writing about search engine optimization then where is your proof that you know what you’re talking about?

If you’re writing about getting traffic to your website, then where is your proof about how you generated traffic to your website?

You cannot produce any proof because you have not experienced any of the things that you are trying to teach other people about.

#4. You can write but can’t answer

Some people are good at gathering research and writing the most fantastic article with the best information possible, but when someone asks them a simple question, they are stumped for an answer. This is because they really have no experience with the topic at hand.

Don’t get yourself in this situation as it just makes you look stupid. People will genuinely look up to you if you can answer the questions that they ask.

#5. Your blog is missing a USP

Because you are a copy cat, your blog does not seem to have any unique selling proposition and therefore is putting people to sleep. There is nothing special that stands out about your blog as it is just like all the rest.

Dig deep and find your unique selling proposition or something unique that you can offer your visitors that other blogs do not. This is one of the most important aspects of blogging, because if you do not have a USP, then there is no reason for your visitors to stick around.

#6. You haven’t taken the plunge

You are running around copying other people’s content thinking that it is going to make you millions of dollars. Even worse, you have not purchased your own Web hosting and are running on free blogs. I am not saying that free blogs are bad but it is sad that you are stealing content from other people that have actually taken the effort to pay for and set up a blogging business.

This is just bad karma, or whatever you like to call it.

How to Change Your Copycat Blogging Ways?

Firstly you will need to create a unique looking blog, not too fancy, but just with a small stamp of you on it. Then, by all means use other people’s content, but use it to generate your own ideas. If you read enough and research, you will come up with your own ideas and your own unique selling proposition. People work hard to build a successful blog and it does not come easy, so if you want to join the pack, you need to do the hard yards.

Creating a successful blog can only be done if you inject some individuality into the business. You need to show your personality and create original content that will WOW people.  Using other’s ideas and content possibly might make you a few dollars today, but for the future, your blog will go nowhere using these copycat blogging ways.

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