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Your Blog Sucks – The Ugly Truth about You and Your Precious Blog

Blog Sucks

Do you want to hear the truth about your precious blog? I know this is hard to hear but I do not exactly want to tell you either.

Your blogs sucks! There I have said it!

Well not all blogs suck, but if you thought I was talking to you then maybe you really do think your blogs sucks?

I have been in this position, thinking my blog sucked, miserable, feeling like I was never going to get anywhere.

My precious blog didn’t suck, it was my attitude that was the problem.

It’s time to about-face

Before you decide that blogging is not right for you and go back to the 9 to 5 slog, give your blog one more month of undivided effort.

Turn your bad habits around and “pull your finger out”. (Ouch! Might be an Aussie saying only!)

Take the rose colored glasses off

Stop presuming you know what you are doing and open your eyes to the real story here! When people ask you if you are using search engine optimization on your blog, are you doing it your way, or the right way?

Stop interpreting blogging concepts upside down. Successful bloggers all over the Internet are sharing their secrets about how to make a successful blog, are you even listening?

If you’re wearing rose colored glasses, this is a hippie mentality. Stop smelling the roses and start planting them! Are you a smeller or a planter? (Don’t even imagine the weird image that comes to mind!)

Stop wasting time – Your blog sucks big time!

Stop stuffing around and write content, SEO it, and then promote it. Do that over and over until you realize that this is the only way to get success for your blog.

Spending too much time on other blogs, hanging out on social networking sites, chatting on Skype to potential JV partners, all can be massive time wasters! Get yourself disciplined and take note of these blog Time management tips. I would have to say that one of the hardest things about making a successful blog is actually sticking to your daily blogging routine. There are so many distractions on the Internet, you are going to need extra self discipline.

Stop whining – Excuses excuses!

Everyone is busy, everyone has a life, and everyone I know has the same amount of time available to them in a day. Wake up and realize that blogging is hard work and most people juggle family life, a full time job and blogging each and every day. Why are you so special?

Avoid writing or speaking these words:

I guess you get the picture! Are you on a mission to blog or just fluffing around?

Path to success

Get rid of your doubts now because people that are successful do not have time to doubt themselves. Even when people tell them that they are not going to succeed, they never listen. This is the first step to success, believing in yourself and never doubting that you will succeed.

Now that you know you will be successful you need to ask yourself these questions:

Take time to think about your path and write down your goals!

Turn your blog around – take action!

  1. Pretend this is your first day of blogging. Forget all the time you have wasted previously. Be happy that you have an already established blog to start with.
  2. Check out other successful blogs in your niche. What are they doing to attract the traffic? What is their content like?
  3. Go back and improve your content. Yes each and every piece. This is your best investment of time. See my tips to dominate Google search.
  4. Research and find the best keywords for each page or post you create.
  5. Build links to that content using the right keywords you have found. (this includes internal linking)
  6. Post great content often. This gets the blood flowing in your blog. Keep the momentum going!
  7. Follow one or two successful bloggers and stick to them. Not the ones spinning bull!

Are you still reading this article?

So now I know you do think your blog sucks and want to do something about it.

Okay so the truth about YOU is that your attitude is wrong. When you get your attitude in check, you will be able to focus and create a successful blog.

Did you think I was a bit harsh about the ugly truth about YOU and your precious blog?

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