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Famous Bloggers Awards Kristi Hines for being the Best Commenter

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Today, I was taking a look into FamousBloggers comments, and I found out that we had 2,941 comments on our blog since the last 3 months, and Akismet caught 1,388 spams, the good news is our Famous Commenter contest has ended, and we are here to pronounce Kristi Hines of Art of Blogging the Famous Commenter and the winner of our contest this month.

Congratulations Kristi

The interesting thing is Kristi Hines has joined our team last month and she have wrote three awesome articles for FamousBloggers blog, check our new About Us page to know who is the rest of the team, and if miss Kristi’s articles, here your are:

We would like to thank Kristi for being active and supportive to our community by all mean on her Art of Blogging blog. and another wonderful new to share with you all is I just heard that Kikolani blog toke a place on the Top 10 Social Media Blogs – The 2010 Winners at Social Media Examiner, check it out and congratulate Kristi for the great job she have done!

How we calculate points to decided the winner:

I have talked about this more than once on earlier posts and also in the comments to clear this to everybody, our contest is not depending on how many comments you do, but what quality you and value we can get from your comments, and how this could help the community and our readers, so it’s after all a matter of personal decision I build it by giving some point for being active, supportive and interacting with others, and this is what I found in all Kristi’s comments even it’s only 19 comment if we are counting the number, and I would like to point to a short discussion in the comments was between me and Andrew of Blogging Guide when he asked me how I decided the winner and my reply to him was:

I use a plugin to show me top commentators by any period of time and also all comments for a specific commenter, this where I pick the top 10 persons, and I use a paper and a pen to write down points by reading all their comments during the month of contest!

It toke me about 2 hours last month, I am not sure about this month because comments are getting much better which makes decision more harder.

But actually it was not hard job this month, it was so clear to me who is going to win, and I will be contacting Kristi soon to deliver her our prizes!

Are we going to run the Famous Commenter contest this month?

I am a fried not, I think there is so many contests out there this month, and I will changing my plans a little with a different type of contest this time, it’s not going to about a famous comments, so plz give me a few days to pronounce it and check what we can bring to you this month.

And finally I would like to thank all our blog readers and visitors for being helpful and tell them that they mean a lot to us, they are actually everything.

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