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Content Marketers Are LOVING These 3 Simple Online Tools!

Content Marketers Tools

If you want to become a successful content marketer – you must know about these 3 online tools. Today, you are going to learn how these 3 simple online tools can help you increase the effectiveness of your content marketing strategies.

Content marketing is a powerful way to brand your blog, your website, your name, your company, and your business. It will help you build Authority in your Niche.

It is also a great way to generate more traffic, leads, and sales online.

Information is the new money!

We have officially entered the information age.

Technology is evolving at a rapid speed, and information is flowing throughout our universe at light speed.

It is obvious to notice how we all pay for information we need (and want) and it is the same the other way around – we also get paid for the information we know and offer.

Wouldn’t you agree?

I mean; you go to school to learn information, get a certificate to verify your expertise, so you can get a job where they can pay you for the information and skills you have to offer.

Isn’t very obvious how our world runs on information?

Content marketing is all about sharing valuable information to a specific audience.

If you want to build a successful blog, and a passive income online, you must put in place an effective content marketing strategy.

You need to consistently create and publish valuable, unique, interesting content for a specific audience (niche).

Consistency is KEY to success with anything in life!

Now, to help you put in place an effective content marketing strategy and stay productive, I highly suggest you to learn more about various online tools to help you out with everything.

You have to make sure you are creating valuable and unique content for the people in your niche, and not just another “me too” type of content online.

And when I say “me too” type of content, what I am referring to is the same generic content that has been shared online hundreds of times already.

You have to get creative, put your own personality and character to your content, and go the extra mile with the value you want to provide for your niche marketplace.

It is important that you aim for high quality content rather than a high quantity of content.

You get what I mean?

Would you rather go for quantity or quality, when it comes to content marketing?

Share your thoughts in a comment below!

There are a great number of online tools that can help you with your content creation, but, from my experiences (so far), there are 3 simple online tools that can be enough to get you going with an effective content marketing strategy.

How fast would you like to get the results you are looking for online?

Success loves speed

That’s a fact.

So, the main lesson I want you to take away from this post, today, is to learn how to use these online tools and get going right away.

Again; content marketing is all about sharing very valuable and interesting content for your niche’s audience – very consistently.

Keep it simple, and keep it moving forward

The faster you can create and publish fresh, unique, valuable, EPIC content that will provide solutions for specific problems your niche audience is having, the faster you will get the results you are looking for.

One thing that I want to make clear here, though, before I proceed, is the fact that creating content “fast” does not necessarily mean the quality will be medium to low.

Most would say that great, unique, super valuable content can take days to craft. But, that is not really true.

Not true at all.

You can definitely create valuable, unique, high quality content fast (in one day or a few hours) – if you use the right online tools and do the proper research on the topics you are covering.

Alright – here are the 3 simple (but powerful) online tools that will help with your content marketing strategies:

Tool #1 – Portent’s Content Idea Generator Tool

Portent’s Content Idea Generator Tool

The Portent’s Content Idea Generator Tool will not only help you come up with content ideas, but it will also help you come up with awesome titles.

Using a catchy, fresh, and interesting title is important for your content to get the most attention online.

I used this tool to find a good title for this blog post, for instance.

What do you think about the title of this blog post?

I would love to hear from you in a comment below!

Whenever you can’t seem to come up with catchy and interesting titles, and even content ideas, this tool will help you out A LOT.

Tool #2 – The ilys Tool

The ilys Tool

Now that you have great content ideas, and you came up with great titles, it is time to write baby!!

But, sometimes you can get “writer’s block”, right?

It happens. And that’s okay – just learn how to deal with it and keep on moving forward.

The ilys Tool is an amazing tool to help you FLOW with your words with ease. It will help you overcome writer’s block fast.

The best writers in our world just flow with their words when writing a new piece of content and go back to edit and proofread once they are finished.

This is the idea behind the ilys tool. It will help you focus on just writing, flowing with words, and flowing with sentences. This is also a powerful tool to help you get into the habit of just pouring information out of your mind without any resistance.

You can train your creative mind to just flow and come up with ideas and content, fast.

Here is a video that will show you this tool in action:

Try this tool out and see how it can help you with your content marketing strategies.

Tool #3 – The Hemingway Editor Tool

The Hemingway Editor Tool

Once you have finished writing your content (article), you can run it through the Hemingway Editor Tool to make sure it is easy to read and that it is compelling to your reader.

You want to make sure the content you are creating for your content marketing strategy is easy to read, has compelling sentences, and it is structured well.

Here is an example of the suggestions the Hemingway Editor Tool gives you:

I highly suggest you to make it a habit to run your new content through this tool, before you publish.

This tool will help you give your new content the “final touches” before it goes live on the World Wide Web!

Wrapping it up

If you really want to get great results from your content marketing efforts – using the right online tools and learning how to leverage them for better effectiveness will make all the difference.

These 3 online tools that I just shared with you are simple tools for content marketers but can become powerful when used in the right way with the right consistent actions.

I have been using these 3 online tools for a while, myself. I usually only use these 3 tools, and that’s it.

You see, when it comes to content marketing and getting results (fast), you have to keep it simple and you have to get going!

This is all you need to start taking massive consistent action with your content marketing strategies.

So, now;

You have an online tool to help you come up with content ideas and titles.

You have an online tool to help you train your creative mind to flow with words and sentences with ease.

And, finally, you have an online tool to help you give your content the final touches to make sure it is easy to read and it looks good to the reader.

The next step would be to start taking massive consistent action with your content marketing strategies online.

What are your thoughts on these 3 online tools?

Your feedback, opinion, and additional tips are welcome!

Thank you for coming by.

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