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Good Content as a Marketing Technique

Good content is the most essential key to internet marketing success. Without it, there is no marketing.  Whether you write it yourself, outsource it, or buy it (not recommended), you must have excellent content if you want to be successful.

Good Article Techniques

Articles should be short.  But, short doesn’t mean poor quality. You have to write articles that are informative and enjoyable to read.  They should, however, be short and to the point. As people get more and more pressed for time, they want the best quality article they can get so as to not waste their time on crappy stuff. Additionally, they want to get the content in just a few minutes.

To get good click through rates, you need to keep the article very short.  Experience has shown that articles of around 250-300 words get the best click through rates.  People want short, punchy, informative articles that they can read very quickly.  You want it long enough to portray the information you are trying to give, but short enough to keep their interest.

Some recommend articles of at least 400 words to give good content, however.  Around 400 words or so and attention begins to wander, so be aware you will have to have something valuable to say if you go over this word length.

There are many other technical things that can follow to really change your marketing techniques.

Here is an interesting link ( technical hacks for content marketing).

Personal Tone

When you write an article, in addition to being short and to the point, you need to write like you are writing a short note to a friend, trying to tell that friend about your idea.  Be aware that a blatant promotion of a product will turn people off. You can give valuable information, and then have them click through to more information and promote your product there.

Another point to note when writing articles is that, even though they are short, you include one really neat item of information, something of value.  The short, informative article with only one good tip that is covered well is much more valuable than a longer article that only recaps stale information.


Give your customer something of value in exchange for their taking time to read your article. Try to find that unique selling point (USP) for your articles just as you do for your product. This means you should find that one item of information that is not common knowledge around the internet scene.

Publishing Your Article

There are several avenues for getting your article before the public. Of course, your own website is one area of publication. But, for this to work, you will need to promote your site and get good rankings. This can be enhanced by publishing on other places as well.

Another area where you can get your article published is with article directories. This makes a good viral marketing, as others get your article and publish it on their sites, etc. This gives you much more exposure.

A blog is another area where you can get exposure. Find an area that relates to your product, search for blogs, and then submit your comments and articles, with the bio box attached to get your exposure. Most blogs allow this bio box or at least a link to your site.

The Bio Box

The final hint for writing articles for marketing is to have an appealing bio box to draw your customer into clicking through to your site.  A related picture in your bio box adds a great deal of interest and can greatly increase your click through rate. The picture makes your content seem much more personal. Even if a picture is not allowed, try to give a personal approach by suggesting they click through to your site for further information about a particular topic or question that your post might generate. Always make an appeal for the click through.

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