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Consumerism Stats: How Much Do We Spend? [Infographic]

Consumerism Stats Infographic

Many of us, myself included, spend money unnecessarily. I can recall countless times where I’ve thrown things away, whether food or material possessions and think “Man. How much was this again? Oh yea, that’s right. DANG IT!”

Visualoop has created this infographic about consumerism and illustrated some stats about how much we spend and how much we throw away. It is a bit sad, considering I always beat myself in the head for wasting money. This infographic especially stood out because it really does give us a different view on an aspect of our lives we pay attention to, but not as much as we should.

Visit Visualoop for up and coming graphics everyday. The site owner, Tiago Veloso, is approaching the stages in which he will be playing a huge role in the way we receive information and the future of an ‘all-you-can-see’ infographic platform. So stay tuned!

Consumerism Stats - Infographic


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