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Why Does Your Company Website Need A Blog?

There are so many different business owners out there that do not understand the importance of blogging. Attaching a blog to the website of a company is something that is extremely beneficial because of the fact that you gain many different advantages. Nowadays it has become mandatory for the site of a company to have a blog and you need to understand this.

Blogs Will Instantly Attract Traffic

A site is nothing without traffic, preferably niche traffic. If your goal is to make a sale through the company site, it is important to get that relevant traffic. The content is always limited when referring to the company’s website. You just have some pages and updates are quite rare. The blogs basically solve this lack of content problem.

We need to understand that the blogs bring in traffic. Major search engines index blogs really fast and relevant traffic can be generated based on the keywords that you carefully choose for the posts you write. You can even attract offline traffic to your blog.

Blogs Build Authority

One of the best ways to stand out and leave the competition behind is to work hard so that you can establish the company as an industry authority. The blogs will help you out a lot in doing that thanks to the valuable content that you can post. The articles will help visitors to resolve problems, will offer ideas and can even bring in business solutions you can profit from.

Let us say that you run a business that currently sells health products. The blog that you use can offer workout advice or teach people how to use those health products that are promoted. That instantly generates sales and increases the possibility of making a profit since people can see examples of how the products helped others to achieve goals that are similar to what they have right now.

 Blogs Increase Brand Awareness

Brands are crucial for businesses of all kinds. A brand will add credibility, will increase community loyalty and represents consistency. Branding activities can actually start with the blog. Just make sure that your blog’s content will reflect brand value while connecting with possible customers. The specialists from Blog For Web recommend that you read this article by Business Review USA as it highlights exactly how a company blog can improve branding efforts.

Blogs Connect Perfectly With Social Media

It is easier to basically increase the effect of your social media campaigns when you focus on the blog. For instance, on Facebook you cannot write too many words. Your fans will not read too much. However, when you just write some words and you point towards an article written on your blog, the fans will read and will generate traffic, which we already talked about above. Your blog can strengthen social media marketing campaigns without an extra expense that is high. After all, you can use the same secure hosting solution for both the main company site and the blog.

 You Can Build Loyal Communities With Blogs

Blogging can easily build communities of individuals that will keep commenting and can help in your viral marketing campaigns. A regular company site cannot achieve that. Blogging helps in creating conversations with readers. When you start a discussion, it is easier to turn the visitor into a loyal part of your community. That automatically increases influence thanks to what is known as word of mouth marketing.

Look at any reputable blog that you can find. You will notice that there are various discussions that go on in the comments of almost all articles published. That is the kind of involvement that you can obtain. Just think about how it would be to have dozens of people talking about how your product helped them. If that does not increase conversions and sales, nothing can.

You Can Use The Blog As A Marketing Activity Center

This might sound a little complicated but it is not. When referring to internet marketing, people usually focus on building different sites and then think about how to climb in Google SERP. There is always a need to have a good content strategy created as a part of a marketing campaign. The blog can actually become a part of the marketing activity and that also helps in achieving the benefits that were mentioned above. However, keep in mind that the integration of social media or any other marketing tool in a blog needs to be done in a smart way.

For instance, let us say that you launch a new product. You can use the blog to create a teasing campaign and promote content that would become viral. This automatically brings in more backlinks to the blog, which brushes off against the main company site.

Blogs Increase Subscription Lists

Newsletters help out a lot. We all know that. The problem is that it is pretty hard to get those niched subscribers that you surely want. Blogs help you to do that faster than with many other methods. It might seem weird that anyone would subscribe to the newsletter of a company. That is true for the main site but when the blog is active, the same restriction does not apply.

The bottom line in this case is the following: when the visitors see that the blog offers quality content of high value, they will want to subscribe so that they can receive an email when something of a similar quality appears. In order to entice the visitors to subscribe, you could offer some eBooks or let them take advantage of various discounts or promotions. We are faced with unlimited options and you can choose one that is suitable based on your marketing strategies.

For instance, let us say that you organize a giveaway of protein supplements. Instead of going to various gyms, you can write an article on your blog that invites people to register to the newsletter while receiving that protein supplement through mail as a sign of appreciation.

Blogs Make Companies Seem Human

When referring to the regular company website, the visitors will see everything in a corporate light. That is completely normal since the main purpose of such a site is to present the business and the services that are offered. It is hard to engage with potential customers when you just present such facts. With the blog, the visitors see that there are real people behind the company. They see that some of those working there write articles and engage with the visitor when questions are asked. The atmosphere that is created through this is very good for business in the long run. Remember the comments example we mentioned above.

Blogging Is An Effective PR Source

Blogging is basically based on customization and flexibility. The platform, WordPress, Joomla or whatever you might want to use, can be utilized for product enhancement. This makes it a part of the PR promotional campaign. You can connect with different organizations and companies that have complimenting visions while developing a strategic alliance. The blog can easily promote all the CSR activities that you might engage in and customers will thus see you in a better light. Even companies like Microsoft do that so why not do the same?

Many Other Advantages Exist

You have to understand that the advantages mentioned above are just some of those that can be highlighted. It is a shame to see the huge number of company websites out there that do not have an associated blog. This can be a huge mistake. It will not hurt the firm but it will not help it since it will make it a lot harder to evolve. The use of the blog makes it easier, just as you surely realized from the paragraphs above. However, you need to also learn all that you can about content marketing and how to use it.

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