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Top 5 Online Business Lies You Must Know

Online Business Lies

Now I believe you must have heard from a lot of “frustrated” people or read from some books  that starting an online business is a waste of time, you can’t really make any money if you start an online business, it’s never going to work, all internet business are scams and other negatives words or statement.

Well I don’t actually blame them for making such provoking statements because a man that has tried to make money online for two years now without any result might end up been frustrated and can actually say anything based on his experience.

This kind people always have one problem in common: They always believe what I called “Big Internet Business Lies” therefore they never make any success out of whatsoever business they do online

Now let me make something clear to you… The truth is that online business does work.

So a lot people will ask: Why do some people make a fortune online and some don’t even make money at all? I think I’ve got an answer: Simply because the people who make thousands or millions of cash knew all the lies in this business and they never believe the Big Online Business Lies.

So what are these Big Online Business Lies? Below here are the top 5 online business lies that you must know but never believe:

1. Starting and Running an Online Business Is Very Expensive

The reason I mentioned this online business lie first is because it’s a very common lie that most people who intend to start an online business always tend to believe. The truth is that starting an online business requires a very low start-up capital and most times the capital here does not include physical cash but your time which they say it’s equivalent to money.

Let me give you an example… You can start an affiliate business without physical cash.

You just need your time to be able to tell someone who you think might be interested in the product and then if you are lucky enough he will buy the product and then you get your commission from the sale. Simple! Remember that all the major follow up, delivery of the product, answering questions from customers and so on are done by the owner of the program. You see you might not spend cash to start your business but be ready to spend your time.

So never believe this online business lie again.

2. You Can Make Easy Money from Your Online Business

Most people believe you can make money overnight and by not doing anything at all. If it is what you have in mind right now, this myth is what sets the realistic apart from the unrealistic. You have probably heard of stories of how people make 5 to 6 figure incomes in the shortest period of time imaginable.

Are you in this trap or did you ever fell into this trap sometime ago like me? Let me confess that this was one of the lies I really believed when I made up my mind to start up an online business. I believed it will be so easy for me to make money from it with little effort maybe just working 14 hours a week will cause some money rolling into my account the next week or at least the next month.

WOW! I found it’s a BIG lie. Nothing like overnight wealth on the internet.

Now I know you must have seen some online business gurus who are making 5 to 6 figure income in a very short time. One thing they don’t tell newbies most time is about how they have failed in several businesses and how long they have been in the business before they started making such a huge income in a very short time. They always put this behind and make us believe that when you start today you will become like them the next week.

So funny when I remember how myself and a friend use to believe this lie until we became almost frustrated.

Some interesting facts about overnight success – it normally takes months if not years to realize. In other words, they prepare, they create joint ventures, they get ready and then build up anticipation for a launch – then BOOM it explodes!

3. You Must Know HTML, Programming And Graphic Designing In Order To Start Your Online Business

This is a lie that is becoming more common. You see every newbie trying to learn what they have no single passion for. Does the example I gave in Lie #1 requires that you know any programming language? Absolutely No!

So you see many people tend to believe this and then try to learn all of these skills and they end up in the frustration bin.

One shocker is that most of all these gurus today never had a clue about all of these stuffs. They never even knew how to build a web page. So how did they do it? It’s simple and I’m going to tell you straight up: These gurus earned more money because they knew how to reach people. They either outsource for professional help or establish Joint Ventures with other individuals who can compensate their lack of knowledge in any one of these areas.

If you want to create your website without having to learn programming, HTML and designing skills, just find someone else that can do it for you. There are many professional web designers you can find on the Internet that you can hire to design your website exactly the way you wanted it.

4. On The Internet, There Is No Need To Know How To Sell

OMG! I fell into this trap also because I hated selling. I wanted to learn how to make money online without selling anything. So I remember getting attracted to ads that read “no selling required”.

But let’s analyze this for a moment. Do you really know of any logical way of making money online without selling anything at all? So what exactly will you be doing if you are not selling anything online? How will people just wake up one morning and just send some money to your account without first offering them something? I guess many newbie that are attracted to this kind of ads never thought about all these questions before believing in this big lie.

If you must be successful in your online business there is one skill you must acquire and it’s the Art of Selling. Whether it’s a physical or digital product or even services, you just have to sell something to make money online.

5. You Don’t Have To Build A Mailing List At All

Listen to me – that is like saying, “I don’t want to be in business”. Put this right in your head, your mailing list is as important to you as the “Yellow Pages” is to a conventional B2B business.

“The money is in the list”. You probably heard this from most gurus out there. But you should also have this word in your mind, “The money is in the relationship”.  The fact is that you can actually start your online business without building a mailing list but you cannot sustain your online business without it.

[box type=”note”]Take note of this: The money has not left the list yet![/box]

All the above are just some of the big online business lies. Actually there are a lot more Internet lies you should stay away from. You have to be smart in order to really achieve success that you could possibly imagine. Success is like enlightenment. It is a path and not a destination.

Can I hear you say “I know more lies that I believed in too”? Then I will love to know about them. Please drop a comment below and let us know about them.

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