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A Message to Bloggers Who Always Give Back to The Community

Give Back To The Community

I never thought there was “Me” or “I”! I never thought I did it alone, and I will never forgot those who helped and supported me all the way up to blogging!

Each one of them has a story, a nice story. Together, we worked hard to build a magnificent blog community to share our ideas and educate ourselves as bloggers, we we had a hope and a dream to create a safe and rewarding spot on the internet for bloggers, and to open a window for those who need a blogging hand. Here we are, after a year and a few months of hard blogging, we’ve reached the sky of the blogosphere, and we have created a popular blog! Today and everyday I am grateful for those who helped me starting up FamousBloggers.

I would like to thank everyone who added and still adding value to our community! You are so many that I really can not list in one blog post, I would prefer to write a book about you, and I really wish I can!

Special Thanks to our Blogging Team

I know I’ve should done this long time back, but.. Well.. I know you, and you know me! I am sure that no one of you is waiting for any of this, but it’s a feeling inside of me to each one of you that I must express!

Francisco Perez aka DiTesco

A Business mind

I always wanted to thank you for your great help DiTesco, you really approved to me every time that I can count on you. It has been great relationship as friends and business partners, and I wish it will last for ever.

You can connect with DiTesco on Twitter @Ditesco, visit his Home Based Business Resources blog.

Kristi Hines

Social Media Butterfly

I can not thank you enough Kristi, it will take me days to list what you have added to FamousBloggers, it’s really great to work with a person like you, who knows what she is doing.

You can connect with Kristi on Twitter @kikolani, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Visit Kikolani for blogging tips, social media networking strategies, and other relevant topics for successful bloggers.

Andrew Rondeau

Blogging Consultant

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made since I started blogging  on FamousBlogger is to have a blogging consultant like Andrew, a person who I can trust his work and experience. So glad to work together.

You can connect with Andrew on Twitter @andrewrondeau, Facebook and LinkedIn. Visit his blog and get your free Income Blogging Guide.

Julius Kuhn-Regnier

Online entrepreneur

I know you as an active person, and I wanted to thank you for being such great help, you responded to me every single time I needed your help Julius, and I must say that I’ve learned from you more than you’ve learned from me. I wish you good luck with your life as entrepreneur And Break! 🙂

You can connect with Julius on Twitter @AndBreak, StumbleUpon and Digg. Visit his blog to have a Break and read his guide about speeding up WordPress.

Nile Flores

Web and graphic designer

Thank you Nile for giving us your time and effort, it’s really nice to have in our team someone with your experience.

You can connect with Nile on Twitter @blondishnet, Facebook. Visit her websites are Blondish.net and WPAddict.net.

James Johnston

Director of sales and web design

My friend James, the most person I’ve connected with, extremely supportive and rewarding. I would like to thank you so much for your great work taking care of editorial work on FamousBloggers.

You can connect with James on Twitter @element321 . Visit his Evolutionary Designs Blog.

Ana Hoffman

Online entrepreneur

Ana, you became a familiar face in the blogosphere in no time, you really deserve to be credited for achieving that , and I am honored to have you as a member of our team, it’s a great start for a promising new year 🙂

You can connect with Ana on Twitter @WebTrafficCafe, Facebook. Visit her Traffic Generation Tips blog.

One year passed since we started to blog together, work together and grow our business together, I don’t remember any of my blog posts that mentioned our blogging team, what a shame! I should wrote this a year back, but here I am trying to make it up, reminding myself with my duties toward bloggers who are on the top of many FamousBloggers blog supporters, those who never let me down even once!

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