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Why a Blog Challenge is Great for a Blogger

Blog Challenge

Blogging is rapidly emerging in two directions.  Firstly as an add-on for an existing business, to boost their reputation, show their expertise, and drive organic traffic to their business website.  And secondly, as a career option in its own right, with bloggers selling their own products, affiliate products, and selling advertising on their own blogs.

Blogging in theory looks fairly easy.  To “blog” or write a web-log, seems like a simple concept.  You share your ideas in the form of an online journal, presented in a way that makes the information helpful and easy to read.  But in practice, to be a successful blogger, is much more than theory, and more like a learned skill.  To accomplish your blogging goals requires careful planning and strategy, selective use of keywords to best represent your blogging brand, and a little bit of skill in writing on the side.

Bloggers need all the help they can get.  And this is where a Blog Challenge can provide that help.

But what is a Blog Challenge?

A Blog Challenge is basically an event or contest, in which many bloggers participate, watched over by a moderator, in which bloggers must achieve a certain outcome by the end of the challenge.

A Blog Challenge is beneficial to bloggers for the following reasons:

Of course, it’s important to remember, that you only get from the challenge what you personally put in.  If you want support, you must take the time to give support.  If you want comments and feedback on your blog, you also must provide comments and feedback to other bloggers.

A Blog Challenge is a big commitment, and you should only join if you are willing to go the distance.  This means making an effort to set aside time to work on your blog and support fellow bloggers along the way.  But if you are dedicated, the results can be better than you expected, and will last long after the challenge has ended.

Happy blogging!

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